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The 6 Best Calorie Counting Apps for Android and iOS

In this frenzied world, where people are mostly career-driven and don’t bother about anything more than work, it’s nearly impossible for us to keep track of our health. Irrespective of which category you fall in, it’s quite important for us to have a track on our calorie intake. And that’s why we have listed the best calorie counting apps for Android and iOS for you to make use of it!

Today, when we look around our vicinity, we get to know how deeply we are encompassed with technology. So, why not to use it in our favor. When it comes to our health, there are plenty on calorie counting apps that can help you keep a check on your calories plus will even provide you with some routine plans to achieve your daily goals of burning calories. Mostly, these days people find it more convenient to use these kinds of apps in their smartwatches. As it provides better assistance. But don’t worry, the list of app suggestions below also provides great results on phones whether it be an Android or an iPhone.

The 6 Best Calorie Counting Apps

1. MyFitnessPal

  • Price: $9.99 monthly membership
  • OS: Android, iOS
  • Popularity: 40 million users
MYFITNESSPAL - calorie counting app
Source: Fusion Informatics

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular calorie-tracking apps. The moment you download and open the app, you are asked a couple of questions regarding your goals that you wish to achieve, your activity level, and some other questions like your age, height, and weight. Once you are done filling in all the details you are asked for your email address and to create a unique password for yourself. Then click on sign-up, no need to worry if you have entered some wrong information as it can be easily edited. The best part about this app is that, based on all the information that you feed, it tells you the number of calories that need to intake to achieve your daily target. You even get regular reminders from the app about your calorie intake. You can get a better response from the app if you update it with information like the food you had, the exercise you did. They even get the option that shows you your weight progress and water consumption status. Great app to keep track of your health.

2. MyNetDiary

  • Price: Free or $39.99/year (to upgrade to MyNetDiary Maximum)
  • OS: Android, iOS
  • Popularity: 10 million users
My Net Diary - calorie counting app
Source: Android Authority

MyNetDiary is quite similar to MyFitnessPal in terms of its functioning, as it asks you to feed your personal information like your age, gender, height, current weight, and targeted weight. It even asks to provide input regarding the food you are eating to keep track of your calories. It gives you information about the calorie intake that you need to have to reach your desired target. The factor that draws a line of dichotomy is its nice animation and design, giving it a more aesthetic look. It also allows you to provide information about your exercise routine to give you a better calorie analysis and weight chart. You can even upload your pictures on the app to have a track on your journey of transformation. Although, the app is free, you can have access to more features like detailed nutrient analysis, detailed body, and health charts, etc. by paying $39.99/year which upgrades you to MyNetDiary Maximum.

3. FatSecret

  • Price: Free
  • OS: Android, iOS
  • Popularity: 45 million users
fatscreet - calorie counting app
Source: Fatsecret.com

Like the other two apps FatSecret also asks you to enter your personal information like your age, gender, height, current weight, and targeted weight. Then you will be taken to a diary. Where you can have a look at your calorie intake for the whole day and how much calories you need to intake for you to reach your desired target. You can even add the details about the food items that you eat throughout the day. Which will allow the app to automatically count more accurately the number of calorie intake you had and how much more you need to have. The report option of the app enables you to have a complete chart of the calories you have consumed. This report provides detailed information about the macro and micronutrients in it. You can link your app with Google Fit or Fitbit to give the app the complete track of the calories burned and steps taken throughout the day. Adding further, you can even share these details to professionals like your dietitian, trainer, or doctor without any charges from the app.

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4. Cronometer

  • Price: $2.99
  • OS: Android, iOS
  • Popularity: 3 million users
cronometer - 6 Best Calorie Counter App
Source: Cronometer.com

Like most of these apps, Cronometer asks you to sign up to the app with your details, like your age, gender, height, current weight, and targeted weight, and then you’ll be taken to a diary. Where you can enter details about your everyday exercise and food intake to keep a precise track on your calories. Through all these inputs provided, this calorie counting app estimates the net calories gained or lost accordingly. This helps you to have an idea about the no. of calories that you need to take to achieve the set target on the app. The app also gives you a report about the macros that you’ve consumed. As you keep using this app for a while, the app will provide you with an analysis of your entire tracked data in the form of calorie charts and nutritional reports.

5. Lose It!

  • Price: Free, Premium at $39.99/year
  • OS: Android, iOS
  • Popularity: 17 million users
Source: Mobile App Daily

The moment you open this LoseIt!, it asks you to provide some personal information like age, height, and weight. After which you can get inside the app, where you have to set some goals for yourself. The goals include setting a weight that you want to achieve plus the pace in which you want this transformation to happen. There is a ‘Calorie Budget’ which shows you the number of calories you must consume to reach your everyday target. Similarly, there is this other feature called the ‘Food Diaries’ where you can enter details about the food items you eat and the exercise you do throughout the day so that the app can provide you details accordingly. It also gives you a calorie breakdown on every meal that you feed in. Based on which it suggests you how many more calories you need to consume to achieve the target. The premium version of the app gives you some additional feature like creating custom goal settings.

6. Lifesum

  • Price: Free, Premium starts at $34.99/year
  • OS: Android, iOS
  • Popularity: 35 million users
LIFESUM - calorie counting app
Source: Venture Beat

Lifesum asks you some important personal details to feed in like age, height, current weight, and target weight, which will act as the basis for daily tasks and activities provided by the app. You can set the time frame within which you want to achieve this goal. You have a diary in this calorie counting app where you can keep track of the calories. There’s also an option for you to add food items that you eat, the amount of water you consume, and the exercise you do. You can even scan the food items barcode to feed its calorie content. After you’re done with feeding the entire day’s information, you are presented with a macro breakdown on your screens. If you have the membership, you can get access to specially designed diet plans for specific goals. With a membership that starts at $34.99/year, you can even have access to special recipes for a variety of dishes under the “Recipes” tab.

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