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How to Enable 960fps Slow Motion and Macro Mode in OnePlus 7 Pro Camera

Smartphone maker company OnePlus recently provided the OxygenOS Open Beta 3 update to its OnePlus 7T smartphone. In this update, OnePlus 7T users received a ‘secret’ 960fps slow-motion video recording option. According to XDA-developers, the feature is based on a “software-based frame interpolation technique”. You can enable this feature to older OnePlus phones also, that sport similar camera sensors and internal hardware.

XDA claims to have successfully enabled 960fps slow-motion support on the OnePlus 7 Pro. Not only the 960fps slow-motion support, it is also possible to unlock the macro mode in the 7 Pro smartphone. It is capable of utilizing both these features but these features are disabled on it by default.

Enabling 960fps Slow Motion in OnePlus 7 Pro

How to Enable 960fps Slow Motion and Macro Mode in OnePlus 7 Pro Camera
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In a mod by a senior member of XDA-developers, he showed that it was possible to enable the new OnePlus 7T camera features on OnePlus 7 Pro also. You can enable 960fps slow-motion recording in the OnePlus 7 Pro by modifying the CameraInfo_0.xml and the CameraInfo_5.xml preference files of the stock camera app. You are required to add a new string called Video960FpsSizes with the value 1280×720. After saving the XML files, re-launch the camera. You will find another 960fps option on slow-motion mode, as on the OnePlus 7T.

Enabling Macro Mode in OnePlus 7 Pro

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OnePlus had already introduced the macro mode briefly on the OnePlus 7 Pro during the Android Q beta testing phase. However the feature didn’t make it to the stable version. You can enable this feature also by doing some minor changes in the XML file of the stock camera app. You can unlock it by changing the value of the IsUWMacroSupported variable inside the CameraInfo_3.xml file from false to true. This experiment was also carried out by an XDA team member. You should keep in mind that, like OnePlus 7T Pro, 7 Pro also uses the ultra-wide-angle camera to take macro photos. However 7 Pro lacks the added macro motor that the OnePlus 7T Pro has. So your improvements may vary on how well this mod works.

Note that, to unlock these features, you need to install the latest beta version of OnePlus Camera (v3.10.17 or higher) on your OnePlus 7 Pro. Besides, root access is also a mandatory prerequisite. You can use apps like Preferences Manager to perform these changes.


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