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8 Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the ideal time to pick out gifts for all the special people in your life. Of all the people on your list, tech lovers can be a tough nut to crack. The stores are flooded with gadgets of all kinds this time of year, and yet the myriad options can be exhausting to sift through. Smart devices, phone accessories and gaming systems are all hot items during the holiday rush. To make your life a whole lot easier, we compiled this list of the hottest tech gifts that anyone with an eye for electronics will appreciate.

1. iPhone 14 Cases

The person you are shopping for has likely already purchased the latest smartphone from Apple. However, not everyone thinks to grab a matching case that fits their new device. An iPhone 14 case is a fantastic way to protect the investment they made and provide a little flair to the standard look of the phone.

If you are wondering if wireless charging works with a case, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the plentiful solutions available. To make things easy, just look for the “with MagSafe module” designation in the title or description of product listings.

2. Smart Plugs

As more electronic devices flaunt smart functionality, there is a need for some upgrades around the house. Smart plugs convert old power outlets into a receptacle that connects to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. There is compatibility for lamps, fridges, air purifiers and nearly anything else that connects to the internet. Smart plugs typically come in 2-packs, so plan ahead and figure out how many your giftee will need.

3. AirPod Pro

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Another great accessory for iPhone 14 users in your life is the AirPod Pro. Apple manufactures these true wireless Bluetooth earbuds specifically for optimized use on their family of devices. Should your loved one already have a pair of these flagship earbuds, you can still surprise them with an AirPod case cover. It is worth noting that the AirPod Pro has different dimensions than the previous models. Verify which generation of AirPods your giftee has before making the purchase.

4. PlayStation 5 Disc Model

Although the PlayStation 5 was released in 2020, the coveted game console has been in short supply for most of its life. You likely know someone who has been frantically searching for a next-generation console to play. The good news is that Sony has dramatically increased PS5 shipments in anticipation of God of War Ragnarök and the holiday rush.

When buying a PlayStation 5 or other game systems as a gift, remember to pick up an accompanying piece of software. In addition to the latest God of War, games such as Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II, Horizon Forbidden West, and Gotham Knights are making waves throughout the gaming world. There is also the distinction between the digital and disc-based models to consider. Opting for the console with a disc drive will provide your giftee with more options for game purchases down the line.

5. Phone Case Card Holder

Carrying around a traditional, bulky wallet is not comfortable or attractive in the slightest. Of course, everyone still needs to bring a credit card or two whenever they are out and about. People also tend to bring their smartphones wherever they go as well. A phone case card holder is a terrific way to attach some credit cards to the back of your device and leave your oversized wallet at home.

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Each holder can house two IDs or credit cards without protruding awkwardly from the back of your phone. The best part is that phone case card holders are compatible with both Samsung and Apple devices, so you do not have to worry much about compatibility with your giftee’s phone case.

6. Bluetooth Smart Light Strips

Anyone who watches a lot of movies or plays their fair share of video games is always looking to enhance their TV setup. A set of Bluetooth light strips is a great upgrade for any screen. Smart lights connect to the TV and synchronize with the environment being displayed. Each LED bulb pulsates and changes colors in tune with the action on the screen. The result is an extra layer of immersion for everyone on the couch.

7. Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Modern smart technology allows for even greater home security options. One of the most notable is the Wi-Fi smart lock. These handy devices attached to your front door can electronically control who gets to walk through. Doors can be set to unlock automatically when a phone is in range, and temporary digital keys can be passed on without printing a new physical item. The cool thing is those existing locking mechanisms do not need to be replaced, so your giftee’s old metal keys will still work in a pinch.

8. Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus Subscription Cards

If your giftee already has all the gadgets they need,  then a great alternative is to fund their next few months of gaming bliss. Depending on what consoles they own, you can get them an Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus subscription. Both services give players access to an extensive library of games each month, much in the way Netflix provides a collection of movies and TV shows. Just keep in mind that each service only works on its respective console, so be sure to acquire the correct card.

Make This Holiday One To Remember

Technology can completely transform someone’s life or make daily routines more enjoyable. In either case, your tech gifts will be emphatically appreciated by those who receive them. If you are unsure of what to get, rest assured that any of the above presents will put smiles on the faces you love most.


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