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16 Best Paid Android Apps Of All Time

Google Play Store is a bundle of joy for those who don’t want to spend on apps where the iOS App Store has different policies. It’s okay to download free apps on Android and to be honest, the Play Store gives you hundreds of thousands of free apps. On the contrary, paid Android apps are liberal, some relieve you from intrusive apps while some introduce an armamentarium of features. Play Store has hundreds of thousands of paid apps too in any category, niche, or tags you look for. We curated a list of 16 best paid Android apps that you can install for a superior experience.

16 Best Paid Android Apps

1. Netflix

Netflix - Paid Android Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Basic at $8.99 | Standard at $12.99 | Premium at $15.99

Popularity:  1B+ Installs

Netflix is truly a cord-cutter on-demand video streaming service like no other. It has everything from drama to thriller or comedy and other genres. You can search for movies and TV shows and, there’s also a tonne of “Originals” that Netflix produces for the platform. Netflix is used by millions of years worth of content to stream in case you want to binge it. It has a free trial paired with monthly rentals and that too at dirt-cheap prices. If you love movies and shows, there’s no better app to try than Netflix no matter where you live. Search content by actor, title, language, genre to get your favorite movie/show up and running.

Download Netflix

2. Relay for Reddit

Relay for Reddit - Paid Android Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free | Pro at ($2.99)

Popularity: 100,000+ Installs 

If you love Reddit, I would bet you are talking about the web client. The Android app for Reddit isn’t that great. Turns out Relay for Reddit gives you an exceptional material design & features while not being to Reddit-y. The app has a beautiful interface along with animations and comment navigation. You can filter out subreddit that you don’t like. The app makes inline previews crazy efficient, multiple accounts support on just a click. No doubt there are many exciting apps that you can use for posting on Reddit, Relay is one of the best hands down.

Download: Relay for Reddit

3. MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro - Paid Android Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $5.99

Popularity: 1M+ Installs

I bet you already know about MX Player but, it shows ads. On the flip side, MX Player Pro does not have any ads whatsoever. Enjoy a seamless video watching experience without any intrusive ads. The app has hardware acceleration along with multi-core decoding that enhances its performance. With background playback, ensure you don’t lose the sight of the audio even if you are in any other app. Its subtitle gestures allow moving the subtitles as per your convenience. There’s a kid-lock to prevent any accidental touches and it comes handy on many occasions. MX Player Pro can play a majority of formats of video. As a bonus, you get a tonne of movies and web series to watch on this app. No doubt it is one of the best paid Android apps you can try.

Download: MX Player Pro

4. 1Weather

1Weather - Paid Android Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $1.99

Popularity: 50M+ Installs

Your Android smartphone is more powerful than you can imagine. 1Weather is a powerful weather app that you can use for local weather and forecast. It has live local radar with more than 25 layers including PM10, Pollen Count, AQI, and so on. You get 12 weeks of the extended forecast with 1Weather predicting the climate. Track weather at a glance with 10+ customizable widgets that you can place on the home screen. Track sunrise, sunset & moon phases as well. Although it is powerful in its form, its Pro version removes intrusive ads altogether.

Download: 1Weather

5. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass - Paid Android Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $4/mo

Popularity: 5M+ Installs

Ditch remembering every password you have and replace it with LastPass Password Manager. It secures all your passwords in a vault requiring only a master password to unlock any social media profile, shopping website, and others. It automatically fills in the username and password on the website/app you visit, giving you relief from remembering passwords. It also has a fingerprint unlock which, is handier than entering a password. The app secures all your credit/debit card details, health insurance, and more in an encrypted vault as well. Subscribing to its premium version gives you 1GB of encrypted file storage. It comes along with unlimited sharing of notes and passwords, priority tech support & so on.

Download: LastPass Password Manager

6. Bouncer

Bouncer - Paid Android Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $1.99

Popularity: 50,000+ Installs

The Bouncer is a paid Android app that allows granting temporary permissions to apps. You already know how apps on Android seek permissions that they shouldn’t even ask for. Here, the Bouncer app acts as a buffer giving temporary permissions to services like location or camera only when the app is in the foreground. It revokes the permissions once you exit the app without any human intervention. Since it doesn’t require an internet connection, it is secure and doesn’t record anything either. It is purely a paid app and thus, you won’t find an ad-free version as it beats the goal of staying secure at all times.

Download: Bouncer

7. Kinemaster

Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $4.99/mo | $39.99/yearly

Popularity: 100M+ Installs

Kinemaster is an incredible video editing tool with all the powerful features and tools you would need. It lets you reverse videos, add chroma key, export videos to 4K resolution. It has a rich feature set including adding multiple layers of text, special effects, videos, stickers, and so on. You have a tonne of tools on Kinemaster such as blending mode, EQ presets, background music, voiceovers. No doubt Kinemaster is practically the most feature-rich video-editing tool on Android. Keyframe animation, filters, and speed control are included in its long list of features as well. It’s Premium version breaks away from any watermarks, opens floodgates for professional tool presets & more. Get thousands of premium assets on Kinemaster Pro without any hassle. At the end of the day, it is an Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store for a reason.

Download: Kinemaster

8. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium - Paid Android Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $11.99/mo

Popularity: 5B+ Installs

No matter what others might believe, YouTube is indispensable. It has billions of videos with content lasting a few centuries in case if you decide to binge it. Although YouTube is pretty powerful and feature-rich, ads hamper its usability. YouTube Premium is a packaged plan that lets you use YouTube without ads and lets you stream videos with background play. You can download the videos on the go. Play ultimate music on YouTube Music. There’s also ad-free YouTube Kids packaged with it. For now, I must say subscribing to YouTube Premium, one of the must-have paid Android apps is worth it.

Download: YouTube

9. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha - Paid Android Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $2.99

Popularity: 1M+ Installs

WolframAlpha is a powerful educational app that finds you anything and everything you want. It is a definitive source consisting of a trove of information on subjects like mathematics, statistics, physics, and others. Can’t get the answer to that derivative question? Check out WolframAlpha to find derivatives of x(raise to 4)sin x and it will search for definitive results. The app features a huge collection of algorithms across thousands of domains. The app has the largest gathering of information related to education, knowledge, and similar domains. The app has been under development for over 25 years and counts and updates regularly.

Download: WolframAlpha

10. Tasker

Bouncer - Paid Android Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $3.49

Popularity: 1M+ Installs

The stock Android gives you a few customizations while custom skins are built upon more customizations. Tasker is an app that takes it to the next level providing more than 350 actions that you can customize. The app thrives upon automating various aspects of your device including AOD, DND, file manipulation, music control, and the list goes on. You can add the trigger and design actions based on which, Tasker will set off the alarm when the action is taken. The app doesn’t require rooting the phone and we don’t recommend rooting it no matter what. You can trigger tasks on your device remotely using a PC or another Android device as well. Tasker is available with a 7-days trial and the, subscribe to Pro for more.

Download: Tasker

11. Nova Launcher Prime

Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $4.99

Popularity: 1M+ Installs

I know there’s a free version of Nova Launcher available but Prime does leave you surprised. Unlock features including new gestures including double-tap, swipe, pinch to launch custom commands. Nova changes the layout and theme that looks pretty beautiful and with features built-in, it is powerful as you want. Modern UI, abundant icon packs and other customizations let you personalize it to fit your bill. Of course, Nova has its competitors too but, it is one of the best paid Android apps on the Play Store.

Download: Nova Launcher Prime

12. NordVPN

Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $11.95/mo | $4.92/mo for 1 year | $3.71/mo for 2 years

Popularity: 10M+ Install

NordVPN is regarded as the best VPN brand in the world. It is fast, secure, and keeps your data private with just a click. It is easy to use, offers much protection against unwanted elements you could intercept on the way. NordVPN shields you from cyber threats as well as lets you stream content not available in your country. It guards sensitive data as it routes traffic through an encrypted tunnel. It masks your IP address discouraging anyone from detecting it whilst browsing. It has a string of powerful features including 5,500+ servers, 24/7 customer support, and more.

Download: NordVPN

13. Puffin Browser Pro

Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free | $4.99

Popularity: 100,000+ Installs

Google Chrome is a default web browser on Android phones. But if you want to change to a more secure browser, check out Puffin Browser Pro. It is crazy fast as it routes the workload to its cloud servers when loading pages and websites. All the traffic on this app is encrypted protecting you from peeking eyes and hackers. The Pro version does bring a string of features including download to the cloud, themes, theater mode, and so on. There’s a free ad-supported version available but subscribing to the premium version is worth it. Note that it saves almost 90% of the bandwidth that reduces mobile data consumption as well.

Download: Puffin Browser Pro

14. Todoist

Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free | Premium at $3/mo | Business at $5/mo

Popularity: 10M+ Installs

Keep track of what tasks you need to do and when. Organize everything from work to personal life on Todoist. It is well-integrated with Slack, Amazon Alexa, Gmail, Google Calendar, and other tools updating the to-dos. Program recurring tasks such as pay the electricity bill 1st of every month and Todoist will alert you. Collaborate on projects, track progress, and more on Todoist. It is a high-caliber to-do list app that reminds you of deadlines, important dates & so on. Never miss that appointment with your doctor or hair salon, Todoist has your back. There’s truly a lot of things you can do with this app. There are a screen widget, notification alerts, and an assistant to keep you on track.

Download: Todoist

15. Money Manager

Money Manager
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free | $3.99

Popularity: 50,000+ Downloads

Keeping track of your expenditures, finances, assets can be a task. You might be having two or more credit cards, mortgages, several revenue streams, and expenses that make it difficult for the task. Money Manager keeps track of all your expenditures as a reliable bookkeeping system. Use the app to transfer and debit, manage your term deposits, salary, and more on the app. Check out for its instant statistics to see how you spend in terms of categories. Its premium version allows a PC manager with PC editing, a debit/credit card management function as well. Keep track of all your assets and expenses right on a single platform.

Download: Money Manager

16. Duet Display

Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $9.99 

Popularity: 50,000+ Installs

Sometimes, a single desktop or laptop is not enough. You need more screen real estate to multitask and that is where the Duet Display comes into play. Do twice the work with two screens paired into one to enhance productivity to the next level. Compatible with Windows 10 and later, Android 7.0+, and Macs 10.14 and later, Duet does make life a lot easier. The app introduces a series of features including two-finger scrolling and panning and more. There’s no lag so you can pair up the devices and get the job done but it is pricey.

Download: Duet Display

I know we didn’t include many paid Android apps here since the list is finite at “16 best paid Android Apps”. Let us know which one you would like to subscribe to or which one you are happily subscribed to already. Let us know what you think about the list in the comments below.

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