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How to Download Twitch Clips and Videos Online

Having more than 2 million monthly broadcasters and over 15 million active daily users, Twitch is currently the largest live streaming platform for gamers on the Internet. If you missed a live-stream on Twitch or just want to download some interesting clip or video, then this article is for you. Twitch platform doesn’t have any download option to download a video or a clip of someone. In this how-to guide, you will learn how to download Twitch clips and videos in a very easy way. Follow the below-mentioned steps to download any Twitch clip or video.

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Download Twitch Clips

Step 1.

Go to the Twitch website at https://www.twitch.tv or click here. Choose the category/channel of which you want to download video/clip. You may also search for the category like “Counter-Strike” in the search box.

Open Twitch - Find Clip

Step 2.

Select the “Clips” tab and then click the clip to play. Copy the URL from the address bar. You can also copy the clip URL by right-clicking the clip thumbnail and then select the “Copy link address.”

Copy Clip Link - Download Twitch Clips

Step 3.

Go to untwitch.com or click here. Paste the copied clip link in the text box and hit enter. Now you’ll see the download page for the clip. Choose the clip quality for download.

Download Clip - Download Twitch Clips

This way you can download any Twitch clip without installing any software on your PC.

Download Videos

To download the videos from Twitch, follow the same steps.

Step 1.

Go to twitch.tv and find the video you want to download. Alternatively, click here to visit the Twitch website. Now search for the category or channel.

How to Download Twitch Clips and Videos Online

Stel 2.

Now select the “Videos” tab and choose the video that you want to download on your PC. Copy the link of the video from the address bar to your clipboard.

Copy Video URL - Download Twitch Clips

Step 3.

Now go to untwitch.com and paste the copied video link in the search box. Alternatively, click here to go to the Untwitch website. Click “Submit” and download the video from the next page.

Download Video

This way, you can download any video from Twitch.


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