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How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone

When it comes to transferring Messages from one iPhone to another, luckily, it’s not hard to transfer messages in iOS. Apple provides you three methods to backup which you can use to transfer your messages to a new iPhone.

You can use the iCloud backup services, make a local Mac backup or use iCloud, which places all of your texts into iCloud. These are the ways you can use, but here we are talking about both with iCloud/iTunes and without iCloud/iTunes.

To make it simpler for iPhone users to backup and transfer their things, Apple has added the integration of iCloud. By default, all Apple ID user receives a free space of 5GB on iCloud, which can later be extended by buying more storage. You can either sync all your precious data with iCloud or first take its backup and then restore it to the new phone.

How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone

How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone

Method 1: Transfer Messages using iCloud

May be the easiest method to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone is to work Messages in iCloud. It operates quite as iCloud syncing does for other data. You upload data to your iCloud account, and then all other devices signed into the corresponding account can download messages from iCloud. Although they allow an outstanding service in migrating content from one phone to another.

Moving messages is easy between iPhones if you use iCloud. Essentially, you just need to make a backup of Messages and then place the backup onto the new phone. And it includes both standard SMS texts and iMessages. Here’s what to do. Just follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Put your old iPhone in charge and connect it to a secure Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Go to Settings > your profile> iCloud backup and turn on iCloud Backup, tick “Back Up Now” and ready for the iCloud backup to be finished.

iCloud BackUp

Step 3: When you see the Apps & Data screen on your iPhone, select “Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup.”

If you should set up your iPhone, you need to go to the Settings app. Navigate to General > Reset and choose the “Erase All Content and Settings” option to reset your iPhone, by which you can fix up your iPhone and continue to the Apps & Data screen again.

Step 4: Insert your Apple ID and password. When you complete the setup process, you can see all your messages along with other files backed up in iCloud on your old iPhone displayed on your new iPhone. This indicates you have successfully transferred messages from one iPhone to another.

NOTE: This service of iCloud was introduced in iOS 11.4. When you have it enabled, then you can use iCloud’s backup service to back up messages.

Method 2: Transfer Messages using iTunes

If you need to transfer all your iMessages as well as text messages from your iPhone to any iPhone without an iCloud app, then iTunes would be the best alternative. Besides the media library, iTunes is further set to transfer all data, including texts from iPhone to iPhone. And you only need an iTunes backup for your old iPhone to begin the transferring process.

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Note: Make sure that you have the newest version of iTunes. Connect your old iPhone to your computer via lightning cable >> Start the iTunes.

Step 1: Choose your iPhone when it appears in iTunes >> Select on the Back Up Now option to back up your old iPhone.

Step 2: Next, the process completes. You can see if the backup completed successfully on the Summary screen in iTunes.

Step 3: Start your new iPhone and reach to the App & Data screen > Select on Restore from iTunes Backup. If you previously set up your new device, you need to delete it first.

Step 4: Connect your new iPhone to your computer by USB cable >> Open iTunes on your computer and choose your device.

Step 5: Click on the Restore Backup option >> Select the backup that contains the messages you need to transfer.

iTunes Backup

Note: To transfer messages from iPhone to Latest iPhone 12 by iTunes, you need to make a local backup of your messages from the old iPhone and then replace your messages with the target iPhone.

Method 3: Transfer Messages without iCloud and iTunes

There is an easy way to transfer your data without iCloud or iTunes. There are many third party Mobile tools such as Mobil Trans and Ease US mobile transfer.

What if you can’t update your old phone to iOS 11.4 – maybe because it’s an older model. Or perhaps you don’t want to spend on the storage required for Messages in iCloud. In that case, you will still transfer messages.

Step 1: Connect both the iOS devices

To begin with, you can connect your new and old iDevices to the computer and start the third party desktop application. From all the given options on its home, select the “Phone Transfer” point.

Step 2: Select messages

After selecting the messages, Mobile Trans will find all the messages from the target iPhone and transfer them to your new iPhone.

iPhone Transfer
Image Courtesy: MobileTrans

Soon, just pick the type of data that you want to transfer (for instance, messages). Click on the “Start” button once you are done.

Step 3: Wait for the transfer to finish

Wait for few minutes for the transfer to complete. In the end, you will get a notification that the transfer process is complete so that you can carefully remove both phones.

Note: Make sure that both the devices stay connected until the transfer is completed.

That’s it! Now you can locate all the recently transferred messages on your new iPhone smoothly.

Other Methods

On the other hand, you can still sync your old messages – as long as you back up your old phone. Your text messages will be stored as part of the backup – either in the cloud or on your Mac or PC.

  1. Plug your old iPhone in and also make sure to connect it with Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap on Settings Option > Apple ID > Obtain your old iPhone. Click on it to verify that iCloud Backup is on.
  3. You can agree on Back Up Now to force a backup. But before preparing that, you will want to review that you are backing up Messages as part of this backup.
  4. Go to Settings >> Apple ID >> iCloud and ensure that Messages is turned on.
  5. You can notice how big your Message back up is in Manage Storage.


That’s all about our example on how to transfer text messages from iPhone to iPhone. It’s obvious that you want to transfer messages from your old iPhone into your new one for the messages you thought are private or important.

With the above-listed ways, surely, you can now successfully transfer your precious messages to the latest iPhone from the old one.


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