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Android Auto 5.7 Has Some Issues, Google Needs Help to Fix Them

Recently Google released Android Auto 5.7, an update for the Android Auto app that fixed a few things and some bugs. However, now several users are complaining that the Google Assistant is not recognizing their voice commands. Some even claim that the voice assistant launches automatically without them even doing anything. Many users using the Android Auto 5.7 have come to Google’s support forum to complain about the issue they’re facing with the latest update. But Google still isn’t able to figure out what is causing the Google Assistant to stop work.

The majority of the users claim that Google Assistant fails to recognize what the user is saying. It only listens to the “Hey Google” command and then shows the launching animation on screen as if it’s listening for voice input. The launching animation continues to stay like this, but nothing happens to the Assistant afterward.

Google Needs More Detail and Seeks Bug Reports

Google has promptly responded to the users’ complaints and has said that it is already investigating the problem. However, the company needs more information to see what exactly is happening. For this, the company has asked the users to share more logs and bug reports to help the Android Auto team figure out the cause of the problem.

Pawan, who is a member of the Android Auto Team, said, “We are currently investigating this issue. It would be great if you could send us a bug report from your phone to diagnose the root cause of the issue. We’ll send an email with the instructions on how to capture a bug report. Please reply directly to the email with your information.” Although few users are still having the issue with their voice assistant, some seem to have fixed the issue by reinstalling the app. One user in the forum says that he has fixed this issue by deleting the Android Auto app first and then reinstalling it.

Currently, there is no official fix available as of now, as the investigation is still on but, we hope the issue is fixed soon. If the problem is arising due to Android Auto, then we expect Google to release the new version in the coming days.


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