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Samsung’s Innovative AirDresser Reimagines and Delivers Clothing Care Like Never Before

Samsung Electronics launched its innovative AirDresser earlier this year globally that uses powerful air and steam to remove dust and germs. The company’s unique home innovation refreshes and sanitizes clothes without even washing them. Since then, the Samsung AirDresser has gained a lot of popularity around the world, and Samsung explains how its innovative home product does the job perfectly.

Samsung AirDresser uses a powerful air and steam jet to remove dust and germs from the clothes, refreshing and sanitizing them to provide easy and convenient garment care. One significant feature of this innovation is that it works with only minimal noise and vibration. It is so quiet that you can keep it anywhere inside the home, even in the bedroom.

How Samsung AirDresser is Delivering Comprehensive Clothing Care

“The AirDresser brings truly comprehensive clothing care to the home environment, all in a sleek, appealing package,” says Samsung. It uses powerful air and steam to relax wrinkles, remove odors, dry clothes, and more. Once you hang a garment inside the unit and initiate the cycle, the system starts doing its job automatically. The Jet Air and Air Hangers built in the system release powerful air to loosen and remove dust particles and other things. It refreshes your clothes thoroughly, removing all dust particles and odor from your clothes.

The Samsung home appliance not just refreshes your clothes with the JetAir and JetSteam features, it also offers powerful deodorization feature for your clothing. It breaks down and separate odor-causing particles from clothes, including the sweat and smoke odors. This keeps your garments fresh and odor-free without having to wash them with water. In addition to this, the AirDresser removes wrinkles from your clothes using the combined JetAir and AirHanger technology.

Samsung's Innovative AirDresser Reimagines and Delivers Clothing Care Like Never Before
Image courtesy: Samsung

One of the best features that the Samsung AirDresser hosts is the smart control for ease of use. You can access various features of AirDresser through the Samsung SmartThings app, which includes Care Recipe, My Closet, and Cycle Management. These let you manage and control different things and functions of AirDresser. To read more on these, see the Samsung article that talks about these features in detail.

Check out the video below to see how the AirDresser cleanses your clothing:


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