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How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram

In the intricate realm of Instagram connections, curiosity often prompts us to delve into the recent follows of those we follow. This guide explores methods to unveil the mystery of who someone recently followed on Instagram, offering both a manual approach and a peek into a free third-party app.

Methods to Discover Recent Instagram Follows Without a Third-Party App

Exploring Instagram’s website on a desktop offers a pathway to observe recent followers in chronological order. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit Instagram’s official website on your desktop or activate Desktop View on your mobile device.
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Enter the follower’s username in the search bar and open their profile.
  4. Click on the “Following” tab at the center of the profile to access the Followers option.
  5. Delve into recent followers in chronological order, with the most recent ones displayed at the top.

Beyond exploration, you can also follow these users to add them to your list. This action grants you access to additional details such as bios, old posts, and follower/following statistics.

How to Identify Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram Using a Free App (IGExport):

For those inclined toward a free third-party app, IGExport, a Chrome extension tool, proves to be a valuable asset. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter “IGExport” into the address bar of a new Chrome tab.
  2. Select the first result for IGExport to access the Chrome Webstore.
  3. Incorporate IGExport into Chrome by clicking “Add to Chrome” in the upper right corner.
  4. Install the IGExport extension by clicking “Add extension.”
  5. Pin IGExport to the taskbar by selecting Extensions in the Chrome toolbar.
  6. Log in to your Instagram account and locate recent followers.
  7. Copy the username, navigate to the IGExport extension, and paste it into the provided box.
  8. Click on “Following” and choose “Export Following” to obtain the recent following list.


Can Instagram users hide their recent follows?
By default, Instagram does not provide a public list of recent followers. However, privacy settings may affect the visibility of specific activities.

Are third-party apps secure for tracking recent follows?
Exercise caution with third-party apps. While IGExport is reputable, not all apps adhere to Instagram’s policies, potentially posing security risks.

Can you access a detailed list of someone’s recent followers on Instagram?
Instagram doesn’t furnish a public list of recent followers. Manual methods like checking the Activity Feed offer limited insights.

The methods provided in this guide aim to offer insights into identifying who someone recently followed on Instagram through publicly available information. It’s important to note that Instagram prioritizes user privacy, and certain activities, such as someone’s complete list of recent followers, are not publicly disclosed. Respect for privacy and ethical considerations should guide the use of these methods, and users are encouraged to adhere to Instagram’s policies and community guidelines. Additionally, reaching out to individuals should be done with respect and discretion. The goal is to foster a responsible and considerate approach to navigating Instagram’s dynamic social landscape. Furthermore, it’s important to note that we do not endorse or take responsibility for any unethical actions undertaken by users based on the information provided in this guide.

In this exploration of Instagram’s social fabric, we’ve unearthed both manual and app-assisted methods to identify who someone recently followed. Whether opting for the transparency of manual checks or leveraging the convenience of IGExport, each approach contributes to our understanding of the dynamic world of Instagram connections.

By the conclusion of this guide, you’ve gained the skills to navigate recent follows on Instagram, embracing the platform’s intricacies responsibly and with due respect for privacy boundaries. Happy exploring!

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