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How To Change Fonts On Android Smartphones

Fonts are one of the most crucial things in an Android ecosystem. Fonts define how you experience the UI in an operating system, Android in this case. The open source-based Android platform offers the user to customize their smartphones A to Z with custom skins, ROMs, etc. One of the most searched features in the customization department is ‘Change Fonts’ which, not many people know.

So today, I’ll be guiding you on how to change fonts on your Android smartphone with or without the root method.

Ways To Change Fonts On Android Smartphones

Without Root

Some brands provide settings and features to change fonts on their devices without the need for rooting. Probably in the theme or personalization section, one can find a few pre-installed fonts, that users can change to anytime they want, but there are a whole more set of devices that have an option to change fonts neither from the theme store nor the settings.

So, for those users, these are the ways through which, you can get different fonts for your smartphone which are explained below.

Change Fonts Using Built-in Default Settings

As said earlier, some brands do provide the users with a few custom sets of fonts pre-downloaded in their UI. Brands like Samsung, Realme, and Xiaomi have theme store, through which they offer the option to download and install various fonts, which can be free or paid depending upon your region. The photo below shows the Realme’s theme store having many custom fonts are available to download and install.

How To Change Fonts On Android Smartphones

Change Fonts Using Third-Party Applications

Now, if your phone does not support theme store like with stock Android phones or AndroidONE phones, the only option left to change fonts is through the Google Play Store. Third-party launchers offer much-needed customizations along with the choices to change fonts and icon packs of your device without the need for root. Some of the best of those launchers are mentioned below, which you download and install to try new fonts.

How To Change Fonts On Android Smartphones How To Change Fonts On Android Smartphones

With Root

If you are not satisfied with the fonts or the setup earlier, then you might wanna try rooting your smartphone. Rooting brings all sorts of customizations available to your smartphone. FontFix and iFont are some of the most popular applications to change fonts on your device. Though FontFix is a pure root application, iFont on the other hand can be easily used on non-rooted phones. The steps on how to flow through these apps are explained below.


  • Launch the application.
  • Click on the local tab.
  • Locate the custom downloaded font file (.ttf) format.
  • Click on install and make default.
  • Restart your phone.


  • Move the custom downloaded font file (.ttf) to the iFont folder.
  • In the application, go to the my tab section.
  • Select the My font tab.
  • Check for your downloaded font and tap it.
  • Click set to install (Only available on the paid version of iFont).


Go ahead and try some new fonts on your smartphone and tell us in the comments how you feel about it. Lastly, dropdown your views, comments, or any feedback for further assistance, and we shall see you in the next one.

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