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How to Increase Battery Life on Android Smartphone

Currently, it is an era of smartphones with big batteries and fast charging speeds. With the hardware technology advancing so fast every day, it’s hard for the included battery to keep up with it, so today, I’ll be guiding you on the steps you should follow to increase your battery life on your Android smartphone.

Tips To Increase Battery Life

Enable Battery Saver Mode To Increase Battery Life

The first step in the process of increasing battery life on your Android smartphone is by enabling the in-built battery saver mode.

The battery saver mode is pre-optimized by the phone’s brand which, lowers the screen brightness, disables the background synchronization of the most used applications, and much more. It also lowers the performance of your devices such as the refresh rate, running applications, etc.

How To Increase Battery Life On Android Smartphone

Manual Brightness Level Adjustment To Increase Battery Life

We all adjust the brightness of our phone’s screen irrespective of the auto-brightness settings being enabled. Due to this, the phone’s auto-brightness sensor, or the light sensor, is always on, which affects the battery life of your device whenever the screen turns on. Try using the manual slider for adjusting the brightness of your device as it remains the same till change, so, it makes the light sensor inactive, thus saving a bit of battery life of your device.

How To Increase Battery Life On Android Smartphone

Disable Display Turn On For Notification Prompt

One of the most battery-consuming things is the display and, the more it turns on, the more it consumes. Apart from using the device, the screen also, by default, turns on when a notification arrives, which consumes a lot of battery as we receive tons of notification prompts throughout the day. Try limiting the notification prompt settings to either sound tone or the notification light if your device supports it. It will prevent the screen from turning on again every time a notification arrives, thus saving your device’s battery.

Features And Settings Not In Use

Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth are settings and features that most of us use every day. As our device depends on settings like these, we tend to leave them on even when we are not using them that, in the background, consumes a lot of battery. I understand that turning them on every time you use your phone can be a headache, but for the concern of your battery life, when you finish using these settings, just switch them off as they are one of the most important reasons for low battery life.

How To Increase Battery Life On Android Smartphone

Battery/Screen Usage Info

All of these ways of increasing the battery life of your smartphone make sense if you monitor your battery usage. The built-in battery or screen usage information in the settings page provides a detailed look at how exactly your battery is being consumed. It shows which application you use the most, or which application draws more battery in the foreground and the background state of the device, and much more. A graphical approach also displays the charging cycle of your device which, also provides the battery capacity remaining to its original state.

How To Increase Battery Life On Android Smartphone

Charging Frequency

This part can be a personal choice for many people as some say that do not charge your phone daily or charge your phone daily, etc. To understand what’s the best practice of charging your device, you should be knowing your usage pattern. For those who are more of a casual user, charging your phone once in two days can be a great way of maintaining the device’s battery life. Also, don’t use your device for the graphics-intensive task while it’s charging as it degrades the battery life.

Dark Wallpaper

Wallpapers don’t have much big impact on battery life if you are using a static wallpaper. Using live wallpapers or animated wallpapers decreases the battery life of your device as it requires a constant refresh throughout the time your device is switched on. Try using a static wallpaper as it remains intact and does not require a constant refresh which saves a lot of battery life. If your phone has an OLED display panel, then you can try any dark theme based wallpapers as it not only makes your phone look much more subtle to your eyes but also increases the battery life.


Do try these tips on your Android smartphone to increase battery life and also enhance your user experience with it. Lastly, dropdown your views, comments, or any feedback for further assistance, and we shall see you in the next one.

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