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How to Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software

In this world of the internet, entertainment modes have completely changed for us. In terms of video entertainment, people have shifted from traditional television to modern internet modes. The most popular and heavily used mode is YouTube, owned by Google. There are billions of hours of videos on YouTube, and this makes it the most widely used platform for visual entertainment.

YouTube offers downloading videos on their android application but there are many limitations on this. Neither you can share the downloaded video with someone, nor can you transfer it to any other phone. It also needs an active internet connection every 29 days otherwise the videos get expired. Now, these are the good enough reasons to download a video from YouTube. But how to download a video from YouTube without using any software? There are many ways to download YouTube videos without software, but the easiest and quickest way is explained below.

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How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software – It doesn’t get any simpler than this

First of all, let’s see which device you are using for browsing YouTube. Whether you are using the laptop, mobile, or YouTube app on your smartphone, the process of downloading the YouTube video is the same because we are not going to use any software. Since most of you use the YouTube app to watch the world of entertainment, let us see the process for the YouTube app on an android device. Let’s learn step by step.

For YouTube app

If you use the YouTube application on your smartphone to watch your favorite videos, shows, or even movies, then follow these steps:

Step 1.

Open the YouTube app on your smartphone and search for the video you want to download.

How to Download Youtube Videos Without Using any Software

Step 2.

Play the video and tap the Share button as shown in the screenshot. Once you click, a screen showing numerous sharing apps on your phone will appear. Click on the Copy link icon as shown.

Play YouTube Video and Copy URL

Step 3.

Now you have copied the URL of your “to be downloaded” video in your clipboard, open any web browser. I prefer Google Chrome.

Open Google Chrome

Step 4.

In the address bar, type 9xbuddy.org or click here. A webpage like this will appear.

Open Download Site

Step 5.

Now paste the YouTube video URL that you earlier copied in the text box and press Download.

After the page loads, scroll down and click any Download link as per your choice. I prefer the video quality to be 720p.

Download YouTube Video

Your download will start automatically.

For Laptop / Desktop

If you use your PC to watch YouTube and want to download your favorite videos on your PC’s hard-drive, go through these steps.

Step 1.

In your web browser (Chrome or Firefox), copy the video URL from YouTube and open 9xbuddy.org in a new tab.

Step 2.

Paste the YouTube video URL in the text box at 9xbuddy site and click download.

This is the same process that we followed above.


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