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Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors – Top 6 Recommendations

After doing such a big investment on a fragile gadget, like an Apple watch, it surely bothers you at the time when you use it. The stainless-steel model of the Apple Watch is having a sapphire crystal glass that is best known for its scratch-resistant technology. Whereas, the aluminum model of this watch has an Ion-X glass which is relatively more prone to scratches, making the users quite apprehensive while they are using it. The scratches are not the company’s concern even after the watch is under the warranty period because they don’t consider scratches under warranty. So, the best way to secure your watch from those inevitable scratches is by using a screen protector for its screen.

Let’s discuss some of the best screen guard options available in the market.

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1. IQShield LiquidSkin

Source: Amazon.in

IQShield is one of the most popular brands when it comes to screen protection. It has a LiquidSkin screen protector that is so transparent and crystal clear that it bends completely with your watch screen. And doesn’t hamper the screen’s performance and sensitivity. It comes with a UV protection that protects the screen protector from turning yellow over a while. This protector won’t let you worry about those small scratches and scuffs as it comes with an Anti-scratch technology. So, a good pick for all the Apple Watch wearers out there.

2. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield
Source: Amazon.in

The ArmorSuit MilitaryShield is a clear and tough carbon fiber protector that can effectively protect your Apple Watch. It has UV protection that prevents it from turning yellow over some time. It is resistant to minor scratches and scrapes due to its self-healing technology. This product provides you a lifetime warranty only if you purchase it from an official outlet. So, all in all, this product has got a lot of positive reviews from its user, so it’s a good deal to go for.

3. Zagg’s Invisible Shield HD Clear

Zagg’s Invisible Shield HD Clear - best apple watch screen protector
Source: Amazon.in

Zagg’s Invisible Shield HD Clear comes with a High definition clarity that ensures crystal clear display making it easy to touch and read. The application of the screen protector is quite easy to install. It is quite resistant to scratches and bumps because of its Built-in technology that enables self-healing of such minor scratches. It is very durable but the only problem with this screen protector is that the edges start peeling off over time. So, the decision is yours, whether you want to override all its negatives over its positives or not.

4. RinoGear RinoSkin Shield

RinoGear RinoSkin Shield - best apple watch screen protector
Source: Amazon.in

The RinoSkin Shield is one for the best and the most reliable screen guard protector for your apple watch when it comes to some budget-friendly options. It has a very tough, translucent film that has undergone extensive testing. It comes in a pack of six, so if you batter the first one you’ve got quite a lot to replace. So, this product is highly recommended to all the adventurous and travel freak users who prone to deal with tough conditions.

5. Zagg’s Glass Curve Elite

Zagg's Glass Curve Elite - best apple watch screen protector
Source: Amazon.in

The Zagg’s Glass Curve Elite Screen Protector is one of the most opulent options to choose from when talking about Apple watch screen protector because of its pricing and design. It comes with a custom, curved fit that provides an edge to edge coverage. The black outer lining of the screen protector that matches the bezel of the watch provides it an aesthetic look. Overall it provides a seamless look to your watch that it doesn’t even feel like if there is any screen guard.

6. DeltaShield

deltashield - best apple watch screen protector
Source: Amazon.in

The DeltaShield film screen protector is not as effective as tempered glass. It is quite easy to install and very thin. So, it is suitable for those who are less prone to getting scuffs and scratches on their watch and want minimal protection. Its film is clear and so thin that it feels like there’s nothing on the screen. The film comes with UV protection preventing the film from getting yellow over some time. the self-healing technology helps it to get rid of some small scratches. This product is suitable for those who handle there watch with great care.


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