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Amazon is Selling Apple’s Cellular 64GB iPad Mini at an All-time Low

Amazon is selling Apple’s cellular 64GB iPad Mini at an all-time low for just $394. Apple iPad Mini’s 64GB WiFi version had also seen a drop to a new low of $350 earlier this year. Now this time the cellular model is getting a big price drop of $135, and Amazon has put it on sale for just $394. It was usually available for $529 on Amazon. The Wifi+Cellular version is still available for $529 though.

Apple’s 64GB iPad Mini is one of the top small tablets out there in the market. An article written by Engadget says that there is a lot to love about the latest iPad Mini. In a review, Engadget’s Chris Velazco says he is convinced that “there isn’t a better small tablet out there.


The iPad Mini offers plenty of power and battery life. It is said the battery lasts around 10 hours of use from a single charge. The tablet also features a great display and Apple Pencil support. It comes with an embedded headphone jack.

Previously, it served as the entry-level tablet device from Apple, but it does not remain at the entry-level anymore. It has now become a premium tablet and its A12 Bionic chipset puts it in the same league as the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. This 2019 Mini does a great job of bridging the gap between a larger device and a smaller smartphone. For many users it remains the best choice and this deal is making it easier for them to grab their choice.

If we have to talk about the downsides of Apple’s iPad Mini, then it can be found that the design and cameras are overwhelming. While the design is a little dated, the cameras are not something to be proud of. But you’re probably not shopping for a tablet to take professional photographs.

If you’re looking for performance, portability, and a device that lasts longer in a single charge, Apple’s iPad Mini 64GB may be the best choice for you right now. Amazon’s offer makes it very easy for you and your budget.


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