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The 5 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android and iOS [UPDATED]

We all use Alarm clocks to wake up on time so that our daily activities go smoothly and unaffected. The times for the traditional analog alarm clock are over, now the smartphones act as the alarm clocks for most of us. In our smartphones, the built-in alarm clock sometimes just doesn’t fulfill our needs and we need something better. There are many feature-rich apps in the app-stores that serve the purpose of alarm clocks with much more fun. We will be showing you the top five alarm clock apps for android and iOS in 2020. Here are the best, feature-rich best alarm clock apps for Android and iOS that will wake you up gracefully.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android and iOS

1. Best Alarm Clock App for Heavy Sleepers – Alarmy

Price: Free | OS: Android, iOS | Popularity: 10M+ Installs

Best Alarm Clock Apps - Alarmy

Top-rated alarm clock app and Editor’s Choice on Google Playstore, this app crazily wakes up the heavy sleepers. Also known as the “most annoying alarm clock app,” this plays loud sounds for heavy sleepers and forces you to perform different tasks before you can shut the alarm off.

Google PlaystoreApple App Store

2. Sleep as Android by Urbandroid

Price: Free | OS: Android | Popularity: 10M+ Installs

Sleep as Android
Image: ApkIsland

Sleep as Android is available for Android smartphones and is the Editor’s Choice on Google Playstore. With this you can track your sleep and wake up gently with nature sounds. It acts as a smart alarm and aids you with sleep cycle tracking.

Google Playstore

3. Alarm Clock for Me by Apalon Apps

Price: Free | OS: Android, iOS | Popularity: 10M+ Installs

Best Alarm Clock Apps - Alarm Clock for Me

Available for both Android and iOS, Alarm Clock for Me turns your device into an alarm clock that plays your favorite tunes, a bedside clock with gorgeous themes, and a reliable daily helper perfect for every timing situation. 

Google PlaystoreApple App Store

4. Sleep Cycle: Sleep Analysis and Smart Alarm Clock

Price: Free | OS: Android, iOS | Popularity: 5M+ Installs

Sleep Cycle Alarm App
Image: DigitalTrends

Sleep Cycle acts as a smart alarm clock and lets you track your sleep cycles, nocturnal habits, and sleeping times. It gathers your sleep analytics and creates the daily sleep graphs. With this you can monitor your sleep quality and see the effect of your daily activities on your sleep.

Google PlaystoreApple App Store

5. Best Alarm Clock App for Travel: World Clock

Price: Free | OS: Android, iOS | Popularity: 1M+ Installs

Best Alarm Clock Apps - World Clock

Developed by timeanddate.com, World Clock is an attractive and highly informative app designed for travelers. You can find local time & time zone information, and keep track of the current local time in 5000+ cities around the world. As you move about the globe, it automatically detects your current time and calculates Daylight Savings Time and GMT offsets for you. This way you’ll always know what time it is, no matter where in the world you are.

Google PlaystoreApple App Store

This was the list of top five alarm clocks for Android and iOS that you can install on your smartphones to wake up gracefully and keep a record on your sleep quality.

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