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Windows 10 is Getting Improved Accessibility Upgrades in May

Microsoft is working on the accessibility enhancements for Windows 10 according to a post on the Windows blog. The company is adding additional customization options that will allow the users to adjust the width of the cursor. Windows 10 is getting accessibility upgrades this month. Users will now be able to add a text indicator and customize the shade of the cursor. According to Engadget, there are a couple of tweaks coming to the Magnifier also. Magnifier allows the users to “zoom in” on parts of the display to magnify the text and icons. By default, Magnifier will now follow the text cursor in the center of the screen. Microsoft is adding a new set of controls to the tool which will aid it to read text aloud. This will help those users, who depend on this feature to avoid eye strain, fatigue, and headaches.

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Windows 10 is Adding a Slew of Accessibility Upgrades in May

Similarly, the built-in screen reader of Windows 10, Narrator is also getting a couple of enhancements. Microsoft says it has made the tool sound more natural by reducing the number of pauses it makes when reading a section of text. Now the Narrator will be able to process the text one complete sentence at a time. Microsoft also says it has created new sounds for the most common actions users make while using the tool.

There are a couple of additional enhancements when Narrator is used in conjunction with a web browser and Outlook. In both the web browser and the Outlook, Narrator will now automatically start reading from the top of the page by default. There’s another enhancement to the Narrator that will see it better able to handle links tied to phrases like “click here.”

These tweaks to the accessibility features of Windows 10 can make things more clear easily accessible to the users who use them. If you also use and depend on Windows 10’s accessibility features, you can look forward to trying out the enhancements the company will be rolling out the May 2020 accessibility upgrade later this month.

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