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The BEST 6 Live TV Apps for Amazon Fire Stick

It’s not been too long that the Amazon’s Fire TV Stick got launched in India. Still, in this short time the product was capable to gain a lot of popularity resulting in a lot of companies seeking tie-ups with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick to render their services through this platform. The product is priced at Rs. 3,999, which seems to be a fair price concerning the services being provided.

Using Amazon’s Fire TV Stick without subscribing to Amazon Prime can’t be a good idea as both the products belonging to the same company comes with some benedictions. Even after the device is reasonably priced, the company has got more to offer if you are a Prime member like you’ll get Rs. 499 cashback as Amazon Pay balance once you purchase it. This platform is suggestively best for those who want to surf on their television screens to find some new shows to binge on, plus those who like enjoying regular television. Yeah, apart from Amazon Prime there are plenty of other apps where you can enjoy an endless amount of great content.

So, let’s get to some of the ‘MUST’ live TV apps that you need to have to ascend your viewing experience via Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

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Best Live TV App For Amazon Fire Stick

1. YouTube

Source: YouTube

YouTube works on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick just by log-in into its website and is counted amongst the most widely used apps on the platform. And you can’t deny the fact that it’s the handiest app when it comes to finding the content of your choice. All you need to do is to just type in the keywords and the content is right there on your screen. YouTube is right now one of the largest video catering platforms, with an abundance of content including the viral and forbidden ones. So, the moment you sign in to your YouTube account, you can smoothly have access to this app as you have it on your phone.

2. Netflix

Source: Tvrev.com

Netflix, the chart-topping app is also available on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. It’s pretty evident that Netflix’s membership is a lot more expensive than Amazon’s Prime membership but frankly speaking it’s worth every single penny keeping in mind the quality of service it provides. This content has gained so much of popularity that people have started terming Netflix as a mood, i.e. Netflix & Chill.

The praises are justified with the number of shows and movies it offers. If you’re a fan of series like-Gossip Girls, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How to get away with murder, Sherlock Holmes or The Office, then don’t forget to grab your membership as soon as possible. It has its original series and movie that are very much loved and you can’t resist watching them once you get started. The app has got an up to date check on the latest updates of your favorite shows.

The app gels quite well with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick as the interface works quite smoothly on the big screen with an effortless loading allowing you to have a quick hand on the content.

3. Hotstar

hotstar - best live tv app for amazon fire stick
Source: Financial Express

If you want some platform with a large variety of content that too at a pocket-friendly price then I’ll suggest going with the Star’s Hotstar as its way cheaper than Netflix. It will provide you access to most of all the HBO’s catalog, with breath-taking shows like Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley, accompanied by Disney and Marvel movies. The cherry on top is for the sports junkies as Hotstar also streams international sports events like Premier League and IPL.

Even though Netflix has a better interface but considering the pricing in the picture, Hotstar is not at all a bad option to go for with such a reasonably priced content. Over time the platform has done drastic improvements and is getting better with every forthcoming update.

4. Gaana

gaana - best live tv app for amazon fire stick
Source: www.gaana.com

We have talked a lot about video content-based apps, now let’s talk about one of the best apps to groove on music. If you think YouTube is the best option for you to stream music, then you need to think twice. YouTube is not a great platform for only streaming music because it wastes a lot of bandwidth on the videos when you just want to listen to music.

So, one of the best apps for you to stream music is Gaana. As the app has a great collection of music that ranges from regional to international music, which comes free of cost. If you like a mix of Indian and international music, then I bet there is no better platform for you to stream music than this app. It also provides you with an automated list that could go along well with your current mood. So, if you want to listen to music, then don’t think twice and just go for this app you won’t regret.

5. DittoTV

ditto tv - best live tv app for amazon fire stick
Source: Zee Entertainment

Ditto TV is the cheapest app when it comes to live television broadcasting apps. As the app provides you a monthly subscription at just Rs. 20. It comes with all the Zee channels along with some other additional ones. The only reason why it isn’t counted among the most popular apps is because of the lack of trendy shows on it. Most people use it only to watch live Zee original show making its viewership quite narrowed. But the price is so affordable that you can’t mind having its subscription. 

6. Hulu

hulu tv
Source: Variety

 Hulu Tv has emerged as the bearer of a unique selection of entertainment. It is a very convenient source for you to watch your favorite shows and movies. The app has now tried its hand in production with some amazing Hulu originals. The app helps you to catch up with the prior seasons of some trending shows or the movies that you could not get a chance to watch in theatres. The best part is the cheap subscription for which it is available.


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