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10 Best Android Video Player Apps [UPDATED]

Android is the most widely used OS across the world, especially when we speak of smartphones; Android has captured the majority of the market. And thus, we can expect tons of applications for this OS as well. Similarly, if you are looking for a satisfactory Android video player, there is a long list of such apps on Play Store. However, when we talk of only the best ones, that becomes a tough choice to choose from.

As a result, to avoid any sort of confusion while choosing the best Android video player apps, we have come up with a few selected names. These apps are guaranteed to offer a much better visual experience, along with certain additional features that will take your video playing experience to the next level.

10 Best Android Video Player Apps

1. MX Player

MX Player
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free/ Pro at $5.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 10+ Million Downloads

MX Player surely deserves mention as we talk about the best Android video player apps. It comes with a robust feature-packed video player along with multi-core decoding. It supports a wide range of video formats along with subtitles in multi-language. Apart from playing videos, MX Player comes with added benefits for users. You can watch from a great collection of MX original Web Series and exclusive Shows. Additionally, it also offers tons of Live TV Songs, Music videos, and hundreds of games, and real-time cash prizes as well. You can use the pinch action to zoom in and out and further scroll forward/ backward, move to the next/ previous video, and change the text size too.

Download: MX Player

2. Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player - Best Android Video Player Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free/ Pro at $0.99

OS: Android

Popularity: Nearly 20,000 downloads

If you wish for an uncompromised TV-friendly video experience right on your Android smartphone and tablet, Archos Video Player is here to fulfill your satisfaction. It comes with one of the most enhanced video player capable of playing almost everything. It supports various file formats like MP4, MKV, WMV, FLV, and more. Besides, you can further play videos from your computer and other external storage, and it comes with support for integrated subtitle download. It also gives you instant access to the recently added and recently played video lists. The best part of Archos is, this application comes with a lean back interface ideally suitable for Android TV and 3D TV.

Download: Archos Video Player

3. VLC

Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free

OS: Android

Popularity: 1+ Million Downloads

VLC is one of the most popular free open-source multimedia players. It is capable of playing most of the media formats, including disks, devices, and network streaming protocol. The media player also plays audios quite efficiently and further offers a full database, equalizer, and a few amazing filters too. On an extended level, VLC even supports all the essential codecs without any separate downloads. You can browse through the audio and video files independently, and it does come with support for subtitles, Teletext, and closed caption. A few other highlights of this media player include multi-tracking with subtitles, aspect-ratio, auto-rotation, adjustments, gestures, and more.

Download: VLC

4. KMPlayer

KMPlayer - Best Android Video Player Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free

OS: Android

Popularity: 10+ million downloads

KMPlayer is undoubtedly the most refined media player that comes with extended media support and perfectly functioning features. It is the perfect playback tool that can play almost all video formats along with complete subtitles. The HD media player can play HD, Full HD, 4K videos and supports up to 8K and UHD playbacks as well. Interestingly, KMPlayer features no ads, which makes it one of the most efficient video player for Android. Besides, some of its advanced features include pop-up play, which lets you keep streaming your video while using other apps. Other features include bookmarking your favorite content, built-in equalizer, speed control, timer setting, subtitle setting, and more. The recent update from KMPlayer has also introduced the video zoom and quick button features for more handy usage.

Download: KMPlayer

5. Plex & Plex VR

Plex & Plex VR
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free/ Pro at $4.99 per month

OS: Android

Popularity: 10+ million downloads

Apart from being a reliable media player, Plex & Plex, VR offers much more to its users. Surely you can play high definition videos with this player with no issues. But more importantly, Plex & Plex VR works like a media hub where you can simultaneously stream movies, TV shows, and more than 80 Live TV channels without any subscription. As per playing your own collection, the media player also allows you to add your personal media files into the mix. You can add your favorite videos, audios, photos, and even your most preferred podcasts, web shows, and online news as well. The media player features a pretty intuitive interface and well organizes your personal media under different categories.

Download: Plex & Plex VR

6. Local Cast

Local Cast
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free with in-app purchases

OS: Android

Popularity: 10+ million downloads

LocalCast can be better categorized as the perfect solution for casting on your Android device. It is pretty much the same as all cast and performs most of the similar functions. It allows you to seamlessly cast media from your Android smartphone, tablet, or other apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., to Chromecast, Roku, Xbox 360, Apple TV, or Fire Stick. LocalCast works efficiently with most of the DLNA compliant devices. The Pro version, however, opens a couple of other options such as No ads, Video Preview while on the ‘Now Playing’ screen, and a few more.

Download: LocalCast

7. X Player

X Player - Best Android Video Player Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free with in-app products $4.99 per item

OS: Android

Popularity: 50+ million downloads

X Player is the highest-rated video player with the most number of downloads as per Google Play. It is one of the best video players for Android smartphones and tablets that supports all media formats up to 4K/ Ultra HD. Video Player All Format boasts hardware acceleration and comes with support for subtitle downloader. It further protects your private videos from other users or from getting deleted. X Player also lets you cast videos from your Android device to TV and Chromecast. You can even play videos in pop-up-windows, split-screen, or in the background. Additionally, it comes with several other features such as Night mode for satisfactory usage at Night-time, Quick mute, playback speed, brightness control, efficient managing, and sharing of media.

Download: X Player

8. O Player HD

O Player HD
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $5.99 (varies with region)

OS: Android

Popularity: 100,000+ downloads

A professional video playback tool for Android that comes with tons of high-quality features. Firstly, it supports most of the video formats, including MP4, MKV, M4V, 3GP, FLV, WMV, AVI, RMVB, and a few more. It even supports 4K/ Ultra HD files and runs them smoothly in higher definition video standard. Just like X Player, O Player also supports casting on TV and Chromecast, pop-up window, split screen, subtitles, and all other features available in X Player. The floating video player makes multitasking happen without much of an issue. Besides, it is quite easy to use, and your files are all kept in an organized manner, making them easily accessible. In other words, O Player can be considered as a replica of X Player.

Download: O Player

9. CnX Player

CnX Player
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free with in-app purchase

OS: Android

Popularity: 100,000+ downloads

CnX is a feature-rich video player for Android devices. It is fully compatible with any device having Android 5.0 or newer versions. This media player is an all-in-one platform where you can find all the essential features properly organized in one place. It can play almost all video formats, including 4K/ 2160 pixels. Furthermore, the CnX player supports all codecs and provides a breath-taking visual experience. The Theatre Mode offers effortless browsing through your video gallery and easy video playing. You can further cast your videos to TV, Firestick, or Chromecast via this Video Player. Apart from all these, the CnX Player has a Plethora of features that provide you the best ever video streaming experience.

Download: CnX Player

10. Kodi

Kodi - Best Android Video Player Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free

OS: Android

Popularity: 10+ million downloads

Kodi is an open-source video player available for most Operating Systems. It supports almost all video formats and provides you with an uninterrupted visual experience. Apart from playing videos from your local storage, you can further stream thousands of channels, live TV, movies, TV Shows, and more with KODI. A unique fact about Kodi is, it also supports Retro gaming emulators and digital rights management decryption as well. Kodi allows you to stream channels and contents which are not even authorized in your geographical region.

Download: KODI


A good and reliable video player app has a significant role to play in providing a satisfying streaming experience to the users. The above mentioned Android video players open a lot of options other than simply watching your favorite movies and other videos. They let you stream, cast, and have the utter pleasure of effortlessly playing and watching videos on your Android devices. Comment your favorite Android video player below, and don’t forget to mention why you prefer it over all others.

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