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8 Best Manga Apps for Android

If you are a Manga reader, it’s pretty common to have either printed or digital copies of numerous Manga titles at your disposal. But new chapters of any titles come up ever so often and new titles release as well. This makes it a pretty daunting task to maintain printed copies of them all. This is where digital copies play a vital role as they don’t take any physical space. Manga apps allow users to scan through hundreds and thousands of Manga titles and chapters from Japan in Japanese or English or other supported languages. As usual, Google Play Store is plagued with gobs of Manga apps, and to be honest, not all are worth trying.

This got us at AndroidFist thinking and that is when I did my research on 8 Best Manga Apps for Android. However we had to leave some of the quality apps because it is ‘8 Best Manga apps’ not ‘All the Best Manga apps’ listicle. Let us know which one did vibe with you.

8 Best Manga Apps for Android

1. Comics

Comics - Manga Apps for Android
Image Courtesy: Comics (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Pro at $5.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

It is obvious that if you are looking for comics online, you will turn to Comics by ComiXology. The app offers more than 100,000 titles spreading across comics, graphics novels, and Manga titles from hundreds of publishers. Search for Naruto, Dragon Ball, Fairy Tail, or others, you’ll get the digital Manga books on your phone’s screen in just a few seconds. The app is pretty impressive in terms of design, features, and functionalities too. I would call it one of the best Manga apps for Android plus it offers other sorts of entertainment as well. Comics by ComiXology has everything but the caveat is that some Manga titles aren’t available on the app.

Download: Comics

2. MangaToon

MangaToon - Manga Apps for Android
Image Courtesy: MangaToon (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Offers In-app Purchases

OS: Android

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

If you are really into Manga, try MangaToon. It has one of the largest databases of colored Manga comics on-board. Right from comedy to love, to action to romance, and more. The app updates Manga comics every day in HD, adds new releases every week, and continually updates the app for a better experience. You can select the ones you like, download them for offline reading on MangaToon. It is optimized for your smartphone and works flawlessly without any hassle. MangaToon supports multiple languages with more languages added to its ever-so-often. You can pay per view comics on MangaToon plus many comics are free to read. 

Download: MangaToon

3. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga - Manga Apps for Android
Image Courtesy: Crunchyroll Manga (Google Play Store)

Price: Contains Ads | Pro at $4.95/mo

OS: Android

Popularity: 1M+ Downloads

Crunchyroll has been a leader in streaming Asian content for ages now. The Crunchyroll Manga takes it a step further with a catalog of both old and freshly brewed Manga series from Japan as soon as they hit the shelves. May it be Insufficient Direction or Attack on Titan, simply search and you’ll get what you are looking for. The app offers unlimited reading access to its premium users. Search and bookmark your favorite Manga for later. You get most of the titles and features free with its ad-supported model. 

You’ll have to pay for exclusive & unlimited access. Look through the thousands of pieces of Manga and stay updated with the latest added to its catalog regularly. It is one of the most recommended & best Manga Apps for Android.

Download: Crunchyroll Manga

4. Manga Geek

Manga Geek - Manga Apps for Android
Image Courtesy: Manga Geek (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Contains Ads | Offers In-app purchases

OS: Android

Popularity: 1M+ Downloads

Manga Geek is a Manga aggregator app as it collects links of Manga comics from different publishers. You get more than 40,000 free Manga and comics at your disposal. Manga Geek lets you download titles and chapters for offline use. It automatically updates titles whenever new chapters are released. Since you are getting titles from various publishers, expect a whole lot of titles available on Manga Geek which is a thing. It updates the database almost regularly with new chapters and titles added almost instantly. You can also search for Manga in different languages as it has a few up its sleeves. It is a simple, easy to use Manga aggregator app available with just a click. 

Download: Manga Geek 

5. Manga Box

Manga Box - Manga Apps for Android
Image Courtesy: Manga Box (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Contains Ads | Offers In-app purchases

OS: Android

Popularity: 1M+ Downloads

Manga Box is one of the best Manga Apps for Android due to a number of reasons. First up, it has one of the largest databases of Manga books where you can read the latest and old archives too. The app updates its database daily which means no matter what you are looking for, you’ll get it on Manga Box. It gives you access to all Manga books from famous and popular authors right on your phone. It doesn’t offer much customization but overall, it is a must-to-try app for sure. The app is easy to use, easy to navigate, and free with a few in-app purchases which are optional. 

Download: Manga Box

6. ComicRack

Image Courtesy: ComicRack (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Contains Ads | Pro at $7.99/mo

OS: Android

Popularity: 1M+ Downloads

Find the best collection of Manga comic books on ComicRack, one of the best Manga apps for Android. It offers tens of categories and genres and thousands of Manga series books at your disposal. It offers auto-scrolling that you can set up for a touchless reading experience. It also has advanced zoom mode and adjustable colors to fine-tune your comfort level whilst reading on a stretch. It has Twitter integration if you feel like sharing your discovery of new interests with others. 

The app has states for reading i.e. completed, unread, and so on for ease. It has other features like Live Wallpaper, app widgets, and more. It is optimized for both tablets and phones so you don’t feel discomfort at any time using the app.

Download: ComicRack

7. Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump
Image Courtesy: Shonen Jump (Google Play Store)

Price: Offers In-app Purchases | Pro at $1.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 500,000+ Downloads

If you love Manga, Shonen Jump is one of the best Manga apps for Android that you can try. The app updates its catalog regularly with new Manga titles and chapters added the same day it comes out in Japan. It is also one of the largest English-language Manga publishers available at your disposal. The app is available for free with a 7-day free trial. Premium version unlocks 10,000+ Manga chapters for you. Refresh your memories with its catalog of both old and new titles and chapters all you like. The app offers an offline mode for those who want to get their chapters downloaded for later. Shonen Jump offers a tonne of digital-exclusive series like Astra Lost in Space, Tokyo Ghoul Jack, and more. 

Download: Shonen Jump

8. Viz Manga

Viz Manga
Image Courtesy: Viz Manga (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Offers In-app purchases | Pro at $1.99/mo [7-day free trial]

OS: Android

Popularity: 100,000+ Downloads

Viz Manga sports a rich catalog of manga from Japan released by Viz Media. Uber-popular series like One-Punch Man, One Piece, Naruto, My Hero Academia and others are available on the Viz Manga app. It offers a freemium version with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe to its premium version to get access to limitless Manga content the day it arrives in Japan. Create a library of your favorite Japanese comic books, download it for offline use and you are good to go. Choose from hundreds of genres and categories, Viz Manga is one of the largest portals for English-language Manga content. 

Download: Viz Manga

And that concludes our list of 8 best Manga Apps for Android. Of course, we had to leave many out of the list due to some constraints. Also, there are hundreds of inferior and low-quality Manga apps that you shouldn’t consider. Check out this list and let us know which app made it to your list of installed apps on your phone. Also, let us know which apps we should have included here. 

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