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Use The Google Meet Troubleshooting Menu to Track ‘Connection Delay’ and ‘System Load’

The pandemic compelled us to work from home. In a way, it is essentially working on the internet. And in this process, video calls and video conferencing applications are playing an integral part. While all of us are using these applications, there are some factors that effect the user experience. It is to enhance this experience that Google Meet has come up with a new ‘Troubleshooting and Help’ menu in the overflow button at the bottom right of the app interface. Using the Google Meet Troubleshooting Menu, one can easily monitor the factors that determine the call quality.

Lately, Google has been working on many features for Google Meet such as Live Captions, attendance report and break out rooms.

Google Meet Troubleshooting – Connection Delay

When you click on the menu, a new window will open, with the meeting ID at the top. The first metric available under the Google Meet Troubleshooting Menu is ‘Network Stability’. You can browse this section to track the ‘Connection Delay’ or ‘lag’ in simple words. More than often, video calls and conferencing is not instantaneous, due to poor internet connectivity. Using this new feature, you can monitor the delay time and switch to a different and better connection.

Google Meet Troubleshooting Menu - System Load

Google Meet Troubleshooting – System Load

The second metric that you can observe is ‘System Load’. Video calls and conferencing with multiple people use a lot of internet and processing power. Hence, it might be slightly heavy for your CPU. You might also be using some other software in your laptop or desktop at the same time. The system load tool shows you the real-time CPU usage in percentage. You can refer to it and do tasks accordingly.

Google Meet Troubleshooting Menu - System Load

At the bottom of this menu, you would also find a ‘more troubleshooting tips’ button. It leads you to a Google support blog wherein various difficulties related to Google Meet are addresses.


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