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Google Meet gets improved attendance report & total viewers count set to roll out for more customers

Google introduced attendance reports for education meetings with five and up to 250 participants on Google Meet. Cut to now, Google is enhancing the features ahead putting users in more control, access to the live streams, and meeting reports. Google has updated all the features that it will bring to more users on Google Meet.

First up, the live streaming viewership data will now include data on total viewer count. It will also carry a total number of viewers in a live stream that users will receive in a separate tab. Both hosts and meeting attendees will get to see the total number of viewers/participants via the Google Meet app. They can also see the same stats on the desktop client. It is up to admins whether or not to let organizational units to use attendance tracking features.

Google Meet is now extending the attendance reports available to Google Workspace Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Business Plan, and Enterprise Essentials customers. To put things into perspective, the education attendance reports feature was available for Enterprise customers only.

Getting Started with Google Meet & new features

Google Meet Attendance Report
Image via Google Blog

Talking about how to get started, admins will have options to make both live streams and attendance reports available by default. They can make it unavailable for a specific group or domain as a whole. Similarly, the in-call viewer count feature for live streams will be enabled by default. Admins don’t have any option to turn it off.

Talking about the end-users, they can access in-call viewer count by default. This is because admins cannot turn it off. Talking about users from other domains, the attendance reports will be disabled by default. Here, the admins or meeting organizers can turn it on and let users check out the reports at their will. They can alter the settings via the meeting settings during a call or check out calendar events before participating in a call.

Google Meet In-call Viewer Report
Image via Google Blog

Finally, the organizers or hosts will get the attendance reports if they are a part of the Enterprise for Education domains. They will get the report automatically for participants with five or more and up to 250.

The in-call viewer count for the live streams feature will release in a full rollout over 1-3 days starting on November 24. The same goes for the live streaming data reports. The report creation control settings will be released in full in 1 to 3 days starting November 24 as well.

As aforementioned, the features will be available across all types of customers excluding Google Workspace Business Standard and Starter. The G Suite Basic Business, Nonprofits, and Education customers will not get these improvements and features as well.


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