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Live Captions Available on Google Meet In Four New Languages

The pandemic has forced all of us to work from home. In such a condition, video conferencing applications are saving the day everywhere. Companies such as Google are constantly working on their services to improve and be accessible, inclusive and fair to all the users. Having one of the largest daily userbases, Google Meet is getting better day by day. Today we are going to have a look at the new and improved Live Captions feature.

Google Meet adds 4 new languages to Live Captions
Image Courtesy: Google

Google uses text-to-speech technology to display live captions in Google Meet sessions. While this directly helps attendees who are especially enabled or have a hearing impairment, it is also engaging for regular users. Along with the videos and other visual aids, both professionals and students find live captions to be more engaging. And hence, taking a step forward, Google has enabled live caption feature for four new languages: French, German, Spanish (Latin America and Spain) and Portuguese (Brazil).

The feature has been added in order to benefit students and professional worldwide. Also, Meet would remember your language preference, to offer a seamless experience every time you join in a Google Meet session. While customizations were addressed in a previous update, this one focusses more on end-user experience.

Earlier this week, Google also added some intuitive features to the Google Meet platform. It allows the users to get better control over their virtual sessions. They included attendance reports, hand-raising and in-call timer. Primarily, these features would benefit the educational institutions who are using Google Meet as a primary medium for operations.


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