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Samsung Bixby New Update Brings Changes to UI and New Features

South Korean tech giant, Samsung has rolled out a new update for its voice assistant Bixby. The new update brings a new overhaul design and some new cool features.

Bixby was launched back in 2017 and tried its best to give tough competition to other voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, and even Cortana back in the days. However, Bixby was unable to become a people pleaser as it lacked many AI features and functionality.

Samsung has finally moved from the Bixby’s old blue design to the Smartphone’s display mode-light or dark. The new UI also compensates with Samsung’s One UI making it a bit easier to use. Also, the easy vertical and horizontal scrolling put things within the reach just like One UI.

GIF Courtesy: Samsung

Bixby now also provides more content at a glance. The voice assistants got rid of swipe through menus and cards to provide what you need to see at a glance. It tracks the usage of the device to provide recommendations, trending commands, and the Marketplace.

Users who make use of Bixby know how it covers the entire screen when summoned with a voice command when using any app. But now things have changed for good. Bixby instead of taking the entire screen makes use of a lower third portion of the screen which is now very less interruptive. The voice indicator also grows as you speak.

Moreover, Bixby has also made its way to the Samsung DeX. Samsung DeX is a feature in Samsung smartphones that allows the user to make use of their smartphone in PC like experience. DeX itself means “Desktop eXperience”.


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