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Samsung Discontinues Some of Bixby’s AR Features

Samsung to discontinue some of Bixby’s Augmented Reality (AR) features. The features that will not be supported include Places, Makeup, Home Decor, and Styling.

These AR features are part of the Bixby vision which makes use of the smartphone’s camera.

The Places feature in Bixby Vision made use of the camera to highlight local landmarks, restaurants, and stores. The makeup feature was like Snapchat filters used for cosmetic purposes, like putting on virtual lipstick, blush, eye shadow, etc,. Home Decor used to provide virtual furniture like sofa, chair, and other appliances that could be placed in a home, and last, the Styling feature offered virtual sunglasses to try on.

However, Samsung is not putting an end to all of Bixby’s AR capabilities. Certain AR features like translations, quick reader, and scene-describing accessibility will still exist as of now.

Moreover, Samsung users are seeing this message appearing on the screen when they attempt to make use of Bixby Vision.

Samsung discontinues some of Bixby’s AR features
Image Courtesy: Android Police

More about Bixby

Talking about the history of Bixby, Samsung introduced its very own voice assistant back in 2017 along with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Besides that, Bixby has always been a close competitor of other voice assistants like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and many more to count.

It’s not a smart step as other competitor voice assistants are improving day by day. For instance, Google Assistant is the most loved voice assistant in Android OS, which can do pretty much anything.

Apart from that, Samsung has made tremendous efforts to replace Google Assistant over the past years. Samsung even provided an integrated button to Bixby summon it.

Samsung discontinues some of Bixby’s AR features
Bixby button | Image Courtesy: ARSTechnica

According to the reports, more of Google services will replace Samsung’s services, and in future Bixby even might get ceased from all the Samsung devices.


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