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Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra: 5 New Features You Should Know

Earlier this month Samsung launched Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra in which the company has incorporated many innovative features. The company today published a list of 5 new features that these two new additions in the Galaxy family have. Both the phones come with powerful productivity apps and premium entertainment features. Here we are publishing the five hidden features in the Galaxy Note20 series that will take your experience with your phone to a new level. Following is the list of five tricks that you can make use of to enhance your day. 

Features in Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connect to The Highest Quality Wi-Fi Network

Galaxy Note20 Wi-Fi Networks Status
Image credits: Samsung

When you’re in a place where public Wi-Fi networks are available, the Galaxy Note20 series phones will find the fastest and most stable network for you automatically. Both the phones will display the information about the connection quality and its login requirements. It will give you the option to connect to the most stable and secure connection.

Share Wi-Fi With Other Devices

Note20 Series Wi-Fi Request Feature
Image credits: Samsung

Tired of asking for/sharing your passwords again and again? The Galaxy Note20 series removes this burden and lets you request Wi-Fi access details from nearby devices of your contacts. They can then share the password with you to login with a single click.

Galaxy Note20 Features in Camera

Capture More With Single Take

Galaxy Note20 Single Take Features
Image credits: Samsung

The Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra has an AI-powered feature that lets you capture up to 14 different photos and videos simultaneously. You can set the capture time from 5 to 15 seconds and then tap the shutter button. When you finish capturing the view by panning around the camera, the feature will show you the optimized results for what you captured. To use this feature you need to select Single Take mode from the camera menu.

Change Background Colors in Portraits

Note20 Series Portrait Background Change
Image credits: Samsung

Apart from giving more time to shoot the pictures in the Single Take mode, you can also pick the background colors using the Color Picking Portrait function. It lets you take studio-like portraits by adjusting the background color.

Other Features

Share Your Favorite Songs With Your Friends

Galaxy Note20 Music Share Update
Image credits: Samsung

The phones from the Galaxy Note20 series allow you to share your favorite songs easily with the help of an upgraded music-sharing feature. Now you can share and listen to the same music on the buds connected to your device and the Galaxy Buds connected to your friend’s device. Earlier the feature was limited to playing the music on devices connected to a shared device only.

Use Bixby to Control Video Watching Experience

In Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra phones, you can use Bixby voice control to give instructions to your phone while watching your favorite shows. To watch the show on the TV screen, tell “Play this show on TV” to Bixby. To switch it back to mobile, tell “Play this show on mobile again.” 

You can also ask Bixby to skip ahead, fast forward, rewind, play, or pause the video.


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