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NatureAI Review: An App That Lets You Instantly Identify Animals, Birds, and More

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Have you ever seen some animal, bird, or fish and couldn’t identify which creature it is? Or maybe you saw a dog but didn’t know what breed it is! You might have felt helpless in such a situation and wished if someone could tell you. Well, here’s what this article is all about. Luckily, there’s something — a blend of nature and artificial intelligence — that helps you instantly identify dogs, cats, birds, fish, and animals with incredible accuracy. Called NatureAI, the AI-powered tool comes to your rescue when you’re stuck in such a situation. All you need to do is click a picture and let the NatureAI application on your smartphone do the magic.

Developed by a South Africa-based company, the NatureAI: Nature Identification — Nature Scanner can recognize all dog breeds, wild cats, over 200 fish species, over 3000 bird species, and much more. It uses artificial intelligence technology to perform a photo search of the object and identify the animal, bird, fish, fruits, or vegetables accurately. When you select the identified animal or bird species, NatureAI takes you to its Wikipedia page, where you can learn more about that animal. Here’s what you can do with the NatureAI app, how to use it, and our experience with the application.

NatureAI: Nature Identification and Nature Scanner

Before we tell you what NatureAI can identify and what it cannot, let’s know how accurate the company’s artificial intelligence algorithms are. According to the official website of NatureAI, the application passes the international benchmarks in human vision accuracy. What this means is that its accuracy is the same as that of an average human being. It means that if you expose an average human to the same photos, then NatureAI is correct the same amount of time on average as the human being in identifying the photos. However, in case, if the app identifies something incorrectly, it has an option for users to add such photos, which it uses to improve accuracy over time. Here’s what the app can identify:

Identify All Dog Breeds

As said before, NatureAI claims to identify all dog breeds by just doing a photo search in its database. All you have to do is take a picture of a dog. The app will automatically match it and take you to the Wikipedia page of the identified breed. It uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to identify the dog breeds recognized by the AKC from a photo. The company claims to even identify a mixed breed and return the mix of purebreds.

Identify Cat Breeds

Like dogs, the app also claims to identify all known wild cat species from around the world. Not just this, it also identifies most popular domestic cat breeds — all in just a few seconds. Like before, take and upload an image of the cat, and the AI algorithms will find you accurate results for it. The app also identifies mixed breed and returns the mix of purebreds.

NatureAI Review: An App That Lets You Instantly Identify Animals, Birds, and More

Identify Birds and Their Species

NatureAI identifies over 3000 bird species across Europe, North America, Australia, and Southern Africa. If you’re someone who just started birding or may be thinking of taking it as a hobby, NatureAI is what you need.

Identify Freshwater Aquarium Fish

If you recently saw some freshwater fish species in an aquarium or a pet shop but could not identify what species it was then this is the app you need on your phone. This app, NatureAI, acts as an electronic interactive fish identifier that uses the Photo ID feature to identify fish species by harnessing the power of the latest artificial intelligence algorithms. It is capable of identifying over 200 fish species.

Identify Wild Animals Species

NatureAI Review: An App That Lets You Instantly Identify Animals, Birds, and More

If you’re a nature lover and frequently go to jungles or national parks to see wild animals, this app serves as your guide. If you see an animal and can’t identify it, simply take a photo of that animal and let the NatureAI app find it for you. With the help of this app, you can identify all mammals of Europe, Kruger National Park, and Yellowstone National Park.

Identify Fruits and Vegetables

Did you see a new fruit or vegetable but don’t know what it is? Well, this Nature and Artificial Intelligence tool also lets you identify fruits and vegetables. Just take a picture of a fruit or vegetable and allow the app to identify it for you. You can tap the result to learn more about that fruit or vegetable on the linked Wikipedia page. NatureAI claims to have trained its algorithms to identify the most exotic fruits like jackfruit, durian, papaya, dragon fruit, and more. Similarly, it can identify common fruits and vegetables like bananas, green peppers, avocados, etc.

Features of NatureAI and Working

NatureAI combines nature with artificial intelligence to help people identify animal species, bird species, fish, and fruits. It has a Photo ID feature that uses the latest AI tech to identify animals or birds from a photo that a user uploads. It then confirms the best matches and provides dynamic links to the respective Wikipedia pages of the animal or bird that open within the NatureAI app.

Our Experience

NatureAI Review: An App That Lets You Instantly Identify Animals, Birds, and More

NatureAI: Nature Identification — Nature Scanner is an all-in-one mobile application that can not just identify animals but can also identify over 3000 bird species, 200 fish species, dog and cat breeds, fruits and vegetables, and much more. Our experience with the app has been quite exciting when we tried to identify dogs and cats. NatureAI could identify almost all dog photos that we uploaded. The results for cats and birds were also better than we expected.

However, when we tried to identify a few leaves from different plant species, the results didn’t match at all. But even the app doesn’t claim to identify plant species from the images of leaves anyway. We couldn’t get our hands on trying fish but using fish photos from the internet were identified very well. Overall, we found NatureAI probably one of the best nature search tool to identify exotic animals, birds, fish, or species.

NatureAI: Nature Identification — Nature Scanner is available on Google Play Store for download, and you can install it on your Android smartphones for identifying animals or birds. It can be very helpful in identifying a dog or cat breed if you’re thinking of having a pet for yourself.


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