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Google Partners With NBC’s “The Voice” And Brings It to Nest Audio

Google is partnering with NBC’s “The Voice” to help Nest Audio users find new music and control it using Google Assistant and YouTube Music. This means that now “The Voice” is coming to your Nest Audio to relieve you from the same boring and repetitive songs. Google has said that users can listen to the official playlists on their Nest Audio or other Assistant-enabled devices with a YouTube Music subscription starting November 19, 2020. From November 30 onwards, users can listen to the official “The Voice” Playlist and relive their favorite performances from the live episodes.

There’s more to just listening to the new music or “The Voice” performances on Nest Audio. For The Voice fans, Google is making it easier to vote for their favorite artists — that too just by using a voice command. To vote for your favorite artists, just say, “Hey Google, vote for The Voice” to your Assistant-enabled devices. However, this feature will be available only after November 24, 2020, for devices like smart speakers, Smart Displays, and Assistant-enabled smartphones.

You Can Do More on Nest Audio

Google Partners With NBC's The Voice And Brings It to Nest Audio
Image courtesy: Google Blog

There are a lot of new features that Google is bringing to its users who use Assistant-enabled devices. In addition to the ones mentioned above, there’s another feature that gives users a chance to set a reminder so that they don’t forget to vote during the next episode. Not just this, starting December 2, users will also be able to enjoy a new Nest Audio Sessions album. Google says that it will be available exclusively on YouTube Music. This album will feature exclusive tracks from nine female artists from around the world. The special part of this is that each of these artists have recorded tracks from their homes, exclusively for the Nest Audio Sessions.

Additionally, Google has said that it is making it easier for users to enjoy this content on YouTube Music. For this, you just need a have a YouTube Music Premium subscription. But, if you’re a Nest Audio user and have not tried YouTube Premium before, you can get a free three-month trial of YouTube Premium. This will include access to YouTube Music Premium also so users can listen to the exclusive content on their Nest Audio.


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