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Google Acquired Neverware & CloudReady – Integration With Chrome OS About To Happen!

If you are someone who owns an old computer, Neverware is here to save your day. It uses Google’s Chromium OS, which is an open-source platform and converts it into Chromebook like devices, with the help of cloud-based custom software. It is primarily aimed at enterprises and schools. As it turns out, Google has bought Neverware and CloudReady OS.

Google recently announced that both Neverware and CloudReady have become a part of the Chrome OS team. Chrome, in a formal statement, appreciated the speed, manageability and productivity that Neverware adds to a device. This alliance would directly benefit the Chrome OS. Being an open-source platform has its own advantages. Multiple developers can provide their inputs and customize the application according to their specific needs. Google is looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership, where Neverware can develop a better than ever web-based application, and Google gets a hand on the CloudReady OS and its users.

Neverware to extend to Google
Image Courtesy: Neverware

As CloudReady becomes an official Chrome OS offering, you can expect the release mechanics to fall in line with official Chrome OS releases, Google confirmed.

Neverware has primarily been focussing on schools and educational enterprises, giving them a platform to use budget friendly and old devices and turn them into Chromebook like interface.


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