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Google Finally Adds “Trash” Folder to Chrome OS Files App, Here’s The First Look

Sometimes we accidentally delete our files on our Windows laptops but, we get a second chance to recover them, thanks to the Recycle Bin. However, that’s not the case in Chrome OS. If you accidentally delete some file on your Chromebook, you lose it forever. But now, Google has added the much-awaited “Trash” folder to Files, the built-in file management app in Chromebooks. According to a report by ChromeStory, the feature is currently available in the Canary channel.

The tech giant was working to bring this trash folder to the Chrome OS for quite some time and came to the news a few months ago. It will allow users to give a chance to restore deleted files, just like the recycle bin in Windows OS.

Trash Folder in Files is Like Recycle Bin

Google Finally Adds "Trash" Folder to Chromebook Files App, Here's The First Look
Image courtesy: ChromeStory

The long-awaited feature for Chrome OS is now finally out in the Canary channel, for which a flag appeared a few weeks ago. Though it took some time, but the trash folder is finally here. It shows up within the My files directory, below Downloads and Play files. You can see how it looks like in the image above.

So now, when you delete some file in your Chromebook accidentally, it’ll automatically move to the Trash folder. From there, you can restore the deleted item, the feature that Google may hopefully add before the launch. It will work similar to the recycle bin. Note that the Trash folder is currently available in the Canary channel, and it may take a while to reach the stable channel.


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