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6 Best Voicemail Apps for Android

Life is fast-paced nowadays with people working round the clock. It is easier to skip or miss a call than before and that is where voicemail comes into the play. It is a crucial instrument that allows users to record an audio message others will get when your phone is busy. In return, they drop a voicemail with the message they want to convey. This makes sure that even if you didn’t pick up their call now, you never miss their messages. Google Play Store is like a desert with each app as a grain in a desert. Trying to find out the best voicemail apps for Android is never too difficult. Perhaps, we have done our research to compose a list of 6 curated voicemail apps for Android that you must check out.

6 Best Voicemail Apps for Android

1. Phone by Google

Phone by Google - Best Voicemail Apps
Image Courtesy: Phone by Google (Google Play Store)

Price: Free
OS: Android
Popularity: 100M+ Downloads

Google is all-powerful and this new ‘Phone by Google’ app is pretty powerful as well. It has an intuitive design that looks minimalistic and no different than Google’s material design. It is a calling app much like Google Voice and does have limitations such as many of its features are available in the UK, US, and Australia only. The app has a powerful spam protection mechanism in place. It screens callers and blocks spam and robocalls on the way. One of the features that we are currently interested in is in its visual voicemail. The app records all the voicemails people send you so that you can listen to them or read their transcriptions.
Download: Phone by Google

2. InstaVoice

InstaVoice - Best Voicemail Apps
Image Courtesy: InstaVoice (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Offers In-app purchases
OS: Android
Popularity: 500K Downloads

Set up InstaVoice and leave it up to the app which is rated as one of the best voicemail apps for Android. It is your answering machine available 24*7. You can record voicemails as per your choice and link up to 10 numbers to get started. InstaVoice has a plethora of features including unlimited cloud storage, voicemail transcription, personalized voicemail greetings, and so on. A Missed Call Manager lets you know which calls you missed. A ‘Withdraw voicemail’ feature enables deleting a send voicemail which is a one-of-a-kind feature.
Download: InstaVoice

3. YouMail

YouMail - Best Voicemail Apps
Image Courtesy: YouMail (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Contains Ads
OS: Android
Popularity: 1M+ Downloads

YouMail is one of the most sophisticated voicemail apps for Android with its high-caliber features. The app with more than 10 million users lets you send personalized voicemail greetings. You can save messages and voicemails infinitely so you can opt to delete or not. The app has a feature to block spam calls and robocalls dragging your number out of their list. YouMail offers the highest quality of voicemail that you can check out via text or email either on your phone or online. It works with most of the carriers too although you need to check if yours is compatible or not.
Download: YouMail

4. My Visual Voicemail

My Visual Voicemail
Image Courtesy: My Visual Voicemail (Google Play Store)

Price: Free
OS: Android
Popularity: 500K+ Downloads

My Visual Voicemail is one of the best voicemail apps for Android without any doubt. The app allows personalized greeting voicemails that you can create. Missed someone’s call? They can drop a voicemail and you would never miss any messages no matter what. The application has a voicemail transcription that reads out the messages or you can read it out too. It is easy to use the voicemail app and allows visiting your inbox without dialing into the voicemail. Activate for free, place it as a widget on your home screen and you are good to go.
Download: My Visual Voicemail

5. Voxist

Image Courtesy: Voxist (Google Play Store)

Price: Offers In-app purchases
OS: Android
Popularity: 100K+ Downloads

Voxist is another high-quality & best voicemail apps for Android. Chuck the inefficient voicemail with Voxist, the app lets you personalized greetings for each caller. Instead of listening to all voicemails one-by-one, Voxist prioritizes it. The app has a voice to text transcription feature that converts incoming voicemails in 70 different languages. If your phone is switched off, Voxist will alert you of any voicemail messages via email. There’s no cap on storage capacity and the messages are stored forever. The best thing about Voxist is that the app is free of any ads no matter if you are a paid or free user.
Download: Voxist

6. HulloMail

Image Courtesy: HulloMail (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Offers In-App Purchases at $4.49/mo or $43.99/annually
OS: Android
Popularity: 100K+ Downloads

If you want something basic, HulloMail will satisfy your voicemail requirements. HulloMail is undoubtedly one of the best voicemail apps for Android. It gives you access to all your voicemails without requiring to dial in your voicemail. Read, play, and reply to messages. Know who called you and didn’t drop a voicemail in the Missed Calls section. Get your voicemails via email and more. It’s Pro version unlocks features like unlimited cloud storage and voice to text transcription. You can search messages by caller or content and leave those unwanted callers from attempting to send you a voicemail.
Download: HulloMail

This concludes our list of best voicemail apps for Android. Let us know which one you would find amusing. Are you using any of these apps or something else, let us know too.

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