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8 Best Call Recorder Apps For Android

Call Recorder Apps lets users record both incoming and outgoing calls as they program it. No doubt recording calls can be great for emergency, security, and privacy-related issues. However, you have to know that there are many illegal uses of recording calls as well. This is why it is difficult to get hands-on call recorder apps on Android 9.0 and above. Although Google has fastened the policies around call recording, there are a bunch of apps that can still record it. They have to conform to the terms of Google and require a lot of permissions. We did a bit of research to find the best call recorder apps for Android, and here’s the top 8 that we came across.

1. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder
Image Courtesy: Automatic Call Recorder (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Pro at $6.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 100M+ Downloads

Automatic Call Recorder is undoubtedly one of the most popular call recorder apps on Android with more than 100M+ downloads. You can set it to record every call by default. You can ignore recording calls from some pre-selected contacts. Another mode is to record calls of contacts pre-selected and no others. The third one lets you record calls from all people not saved in contacts. The free version has ads but the Pro version eliminates it. Calls can be recorded and saved on Cloud on its Pro version while the free version stores it locally. The app has features like Call Summary Menu. 

Download: Automatic Call Recorder

2. Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder
Image Courtesy: Smart Recorder (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Offers In-app purchases

OS: Android 

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

Smart Recorder from Smart Mob gives you the functionality to record long time call recordings. The app has a clean user interface which is its USP apart from a myriad of features. It has a feature that skips silence in recordings which is great to catch up on long recordings without any silence in-between. This reliable app has plenty of other features including a live audio spectrum analyzer, microphone gain calibration tool, and so on. It is light on the battery and runs in the background so that you don’t have to turn it on manually. It is limited to 2GB per file of local recording. 

Download: Smart Recorder

3. Call Recorder – Cube ACR

Call Recorder - Cube ACR
Image Courtesy: Call Recorder – Cube ACR (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Offers In-app purchases | $1.99 for 3 months

OS: Android 

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

Certainly one of the advanced automatic call recorders for Android, Cube ACR records both phone and VoIP calls. The app works seamlessly with many VoIP services including Slack, Telegram, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and more apps are being added. You can either record calls manually or, you can set it up to record all calls. Want to record calls from selected contacts? Ads them up and now you don’t have to worry about it as the app does all the work for you. The smart memory management system ignores recording short calls and non-important calls. The premium version does bring plenty of features including cloud backup, multiple audio formats, shake to mark among others.

Download: Call Recorder – Cube ACR

4. Automatic Call Recorder 

Automatic Call Recorder 1 - Best Call Recorder Apps
Image Courtesy: Automatic Call Recorder (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Contains Ads | Pro at $5.49

OS: Android 

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

No doubt it is a generic name but Automatic Call Recorder is a very powerful app for Android. It records all incoming and outgoing calls automatically in high-quality. You can whitelist contacts to ignore recording their calls while allowing it to record others. Mark conversations as important so that you can check the important category to get it. Store files in the SD card without clogging the internal memory or store on the cloud. It supports lots of recording formats as well. There’s a feature to set source aka mic, voice call, etc so that it records exactly as instructed.

Download: Automatic Call Recorder

5. Call Recorder Automatic

Call Recorder Automatic - Best Call Recorder Apps
Image Courtesy: Call Recorder Automatic (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Offers In-App Purchases | Pro at $4.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

Want to record calls? Perhaps check out Call Recorder Automatic. The app has been downloaded 10 million times and it records calls in high-quality. You can manage call recordings, play it, share it, and delete all you want. Search recordings of any particular contact either by names or dates. Moreover, the app reveals the identification or IDs of the users automatically. All calls are recorded automatically, whitelist contacts, or select those you want to record.

Download: Call Automatic Recorder 

6. CallX

Image Courtesy: CallX (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Offers In-App Purchases

OS: Android

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

CallX is another best call recorder apps for Android that you can use for the same purpose. Records both incoming and outgoing calls either manually or let it do the same on autopilot. Choose between WAV and MP3 audio formats to store recorded files. You can play it back, share it with the cloud, or via WhatsApp, Skype, and other services. The app lets you filter call recording either all or unknown numbers or contacts. You can playback via the earpiece or the loudspeaker. The list of extra features available via subscription includes recording all calls as well. 

Download: CallX

7. Auto Call Recorder

Auto Call Recorder
Image Courtesy: Auto Call Recorder (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Contains Ads

OS: Android

Popularity: 5M+ Downloads

Another free call recorder apps for Android is Auto Call Recorder and it is free to use. It lets you record any calls, and you can alter the settings. Choose between recording everything to nothing but selecting a few and so on. The app saves all the recordings in Google Drive and has an auto-delete feature too. There’s White List, Black List, Set Source, and Favorite features available too. Users can mark any particular call important and it will be reflected once you are done with the call. The app supports a lot of recording formats. You can directly share the recorded calls via Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype, Facebook & other services. Note that some users might find it difficult to record calls and there are many factors behind it. 

Download: Auto Call Recorder

8. RMC: Android Call Recorder

Image Courtesy: RMC (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Contains Ads

OS: Android

Popularity: 5M+ Downloads

RMC or RecordMyCall: Android Call Recorder is a basic yet all-purpose call recording app. It captures both incoming and outgoing calls, although you would find it conforms with Google policies so do check if it works for you or not. The app lets the user record calls manually or set it up on automatic to do the same. Users can filter calls based on selected contacts, known numbers, and unknown numbers. It supports multiple audio formats and has a customizable channel for bitrate, sample rate, mono, and stereo. 

The app auto-deletes trash regularly as well while also offering a buffer for accidental deletion. It is protected with a 4-digits passcode that keeps it out of sight of any onlookers. A gain volume feature adds volume to the recorded audio. It has advanced search and rename functionality built-in. The app sorts call recordings either in unsorted or important categories, the former is deleted after a regular interval.

Download: RMC: Android Call Recorder

There you have it. 8 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android that you can use. Note that some of the apps might not be available for you based on which Android version you use and what policies Google has imposed on your region. Most of the apps are free to use with in-app purchases that are optional, and you can upgrade to get more benefits. 

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