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8 Best Podcast Apps for Android – UPDATED

Podcasts are generally audio files recorded by creators and distributed either via websites or podcasts aggregator apps. It turns out there are zillion podcasts apps for Android where you’ll find a trillion podcasts (metaphorically). Choosing the right podcast app is crucial as it is not just about playing episodes at a stretch nowadays. Some apps have robust discovery features, some have options to subscribe while some have exclusive podcasts that you won’t find anywhere. Selecting the right app also defines your listening experience and that is why we tried tens of podcasts apps so you don’t have to. We have curated a list of 8 best podcast apps for Android that you would love to use, do have a look. 

8 Best Podcast Apps for Android

1. Spotify

Spotify - Podcast Apps for Android
Image Courtesy: Spotify (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Contains Ads | Offers In-App Purchases | Pro at $9.99/mo (individual), $14.99/mo (Family)

OS: Android

Popularity: 500M+ Downloads

Spotify is an undisputed contender in the music streaming sphere. Luckily, it has aggressively targeted podcasts as well which is why it is listed here. Spotify acquired Gimlet Media, Anchor, and signed up exclusive podcasts deal with Joe Rogan to get their hands on the ever-increasing popularity in the field of podcasts. Comedy to Sports to Storytelling to Recreation, may it be a solo or a group podcast, Spotify has it all. It does have a few shortcomings in the podcasts sphere but overall, it is a great podcast apps for Android that you can try. Get access to 850,000+ podcasts across 100 languages with 30 million episodes all on just a click. 

Download: Spotify

2. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts
Image Courtesy: Google Podcasts (Google Play Store)

Price: Free

OS: Android

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

Search for podcasts on Google and bingo, you’ll find tens of thousands of results. Google Podcasts lets you discover interesting podcasts from hundreds of creators with just a click. The app lets you stream or listen to podcasts on multiple devices. You can turn on auto-download for episodes so that you can stream it later. Discover new & interesting podcasts, follow creators, and all that free of charge. The app doesn’t have many ads to irritate you either. Browse through vast categories including TV and film, politics, comedy, fitness, arts, sports & more. Skip to its trending page to get your hands on trending podcasts. 

Download: Google Podcasts

3. Pocket Casts

Podcast Casts - Podcast Apps for Android
Image Courtesy: Podcast Casts (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Offers In-App Purchases | Pro at $9.99/month

OS: Android

Popularity: 1M+ Downloads

Pocket Casts is another best podcast apps for Android that you must try. With more than 1 million downloads, Pocket Casts lets you listen to podcasts from across the globe. It has robust discovery tools that you can use to get results that suit your query and also has a decent set of powerful playback controls. It includes variable speed, volume boost, trim silence, sleep timer among other functionalities. Stream through the podcasts, listen to chapters in various formats. Its array of smart tools include auto-download, filters, refresh to find new content, and more. It recently switched to a freemium model meaning it is free to use with premium features available upon subscription. 

Download: Pocket Casts

4. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict - Podcast Apps for Android
Image Courtesy: Podcast Addict (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Pro at $2.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

Another high-caliber app listed in our 8 best podcast apps for Android is Podcast Addict. It is a popular app offering podcasts free although subscribing to its premium plan opens up a floodgate of opportunities & content. As per the stats, Podcast Addict has more than 2M+ podcasts, 20,000+ audiobooks, and 120,000+ radios on-board. It is deeply integrated with SoundCloud, YouTube, and other portals as well. Search for podcasts and you get more than 2M+ podcasts and 50M+ episodes. Its robust playback functionalities include variable speed, Chromecast, playlists support & so on. It has automation features allowing updates, downloads, deletion as well. It has a huge array of features such as widgets, premium podcasts, reviews, visual customization & so on. 

Download: Podcast Addict

5. Castbox

Castbox - Podcast Apps for Android
Image Courtesy: Castbox (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Contains Ads | Offers In-App Purchases

OS: Android

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

Castbox is a popular and powerful podcast apps on Google Play Store. With a catalog of more than 95 million podcasts, Castbox lets you find the best podcasts depending upon your taste, genre, or mood. With more than 1 million podcast channels, 70+ languages support, and a one-click subscription, Castbox is a must-try. The app offers offline downloads if you don’t anticipate internet reception at someplace. You can also grab episodes on auto-download that saves you from the hassle of downloading it manually. Get personalized recommendations, robust search & discover features, trending podcasts & more on Castbox. Its premium tier unlocks features like priority customer service, limitless subscriptions, & a bunch of other features. 

Download: Castbox

6. Stitcher

Image Courtesy: Stitcher (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Contains Ads | Offers In-App Purchases | Pro at $4.99/mo

OS: Android

Popularity: 5M+ Downloads

Stitcher comes in handy if you love listening to podcasts all day long. It stitches together episodes of any podcasts in a customized playlist for you to stream. It also enables search for particular episodes rather than an entire podcast. You can download the podcasts for offline use if required. Stitcher has podcasts on demand, lets you enjoy premium podcasts exclusively with a premium subscription. Get smart speaker integration with Amazon Alexa and Sonos. You can also use Android Auto to stream it in your car supporting 50+ models from various manufacturers. Stitcher is easy to use & navigate through the trove of podcasts and that is what makes it powerful.

Download: Stitcher

7. Podbean

Image Courtesy: Podbean (Google Play Store)

Price: Contains Ads | Offers In-App Purchases | Up To $9.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 5M+ Downloads

Rated as one of the best podcast apps for Android with a 5-star rating on Google Play Store, Podbean is worth a try. It has a clean layout with everything placed just at the right place allowing users to use it with ease. Search for podcasts and episodes via its robust and efficient discovery feature. You can browse by trending, top, new, topics, or categories as well. Stream podcasts on the go or let it download for offline use. The app has intelligent speed, Chromecast and Bluetooth support, a sleep timer, and a string of other features at its disposal. Listen to live audio streaming or record and host your podcasts with Podbean as well. The app supports batch downloads, notification on arrival, and more such features. 

Download: Podbean

8. Laughable

Image Courtesy: Laughable (Google Play Store)

Price: Free

OS: Android

Popularity: 10,000+ Downloads

Laughable is a paradise for those who love comedy-related content. Tickle your funny bone with comedy-focused podcasts. Discover new and amazing podcasts on the app with one of the largest databases of comedians. Search artist profiles, find recommendations curated by experts, and more. Hail its playback speed from 1x to 2.5x to stream podcasts at your pace. The app has offline downloads features in case you want to stream content offline or anticipate lousy internet reception ahead. You are mistaken if you think it’s just comedians. There are thousands of public figures and personalities such as Barack Obama, Joe Rogan, among others. 

Download: Laughable

Google Play Store has a great collection of podcast apps available either free or paid. Depending upon your mood or taste, you can tune in to any podcasts if you don’t feel like watching a video or something. These are the 8 best podcast apps for Android that you can try. There are of course a tonne of other podcast apps to look out for. Let us know which one of the ones listed above is your daily driver or which one you would’ve loved to be included here. Alternatives include Overcast, BeyondPod, Doggcatcher, Podkicker among others. 

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