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8 Best Music Player Apps for Android – UPDATED

All Android phones come with at least one built-in music player and if not that, Google Play Music is always there (wink). But if you are looking for some change or advanced features that a preloaded music player won’t offer, Google Play Store is plentiful, to be honest. Look to your right or left and you’ll find a music player app on the app store waiting to be downloaded. Perhaps finding the good ones can be a task. Turns out we got your back, we did all the research so that you don’t have to do it. Here are the 8 best music player apps for Android that you look out for.

8 Best Music Player Apps for Android

1. Spotify

Image Courtesy: Spotify (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Pro at $9.99/mo | Family at $14.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 500M+ Downloads

New music or old, rare or common, be it of any genre, Spotify has it all. Spotify is one of the largest music streaming services offering 50M+ songs and podcasts. Spotify has the music of every kind spanning across 4 billion playlists which are its backbone. You can stream music online or subscribe to its premium plan for offline streaming. Spotify is almost at the top of the hierarchy when it comes to best music players apps for Android. You can create your playlists, discover new music across genres. 

Search by albums, artists, genre, or title and I am pretty sure you’ll get what you are looking for. Its premium plan offers an ad-free listening experience, greater sound quality & offline downloads all you want. Its premium subscription commences at $9.99/mo, a family of six at $14.99/mo. It is a newfangled music player for someone who hasn’t tried any music streaming app yet. 

Download: Spotify

2. Poweramp

Image Courtesy: Poweramp (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Pro at $3.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 50M+ Downloads

Poweramp has been around for years on Google Play Store. It has evolved with a ton of new features actively added by its developers. It recently got the support for Hi-Res output, an upgraded UI, and a few others. Poweramp has a powerful EQ so that you can tweak it to make all your existing audio files sound great. It has features like gapless smoothing, 3rd party skins, and a great set of visualizations on-board. 

Poweramp supports a plethora of audio formats which include mp4, m4a, FLAC, OFG, WV, WMA, OCA, and others. It does have lyric support so that you don’t miss out on what your favorite artists are actually singing rather upon searching for lyrics separately. Search by tags or run through its ultrafast library scan, Poweramp can take it all. Poweramp is available with a 15-days free trial. Upgrading to its premium plan would set you off at $3.99.

Download: Poweramp

3. JetAudio HD Music Player 

JetAudio HD Music Player
Image Courtesy: JetAudio HD Music Player (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Pro at $3.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

Rated as one of the best music player apps for Android, JetAudio HD stays true to its title. Play all your local or downloaded music or stream it from network drive with this app. It has a tonne of features appended on it. JetAudio HD can play numerous file types including WV, m4a, Ogg, mp3, FLAC, and so on. It has 32 Equalizer.presets that widely enhance your listening experience. Use its Tag Editor to find the music faster. It has 3 lock screen widgets to choose from and control your music when your phone is locked.

It also supports gapless playback and crossfading among other audio-related functionalities. Shake to play next and JetAudio HD will do it for you. If you are looking for a free music player with an option to upgrade, JetAudio HD is great. It has a premium subscription at a cheap deal of just $3.99.

Download: JetAudio HD Music Player

4. Amazon Prime Music 

Amazon Prime Music
Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Music (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Unlimited at $7.99/mo (Prime), $9.99/mo (non-Prime) | $79/yearly (Prime) to $99/yearly (non-Prime)

OS: Android

Popularity: 100M+ Downloads

I doubt that you never heard about Amazon Prime Music before. It’s a free (plus paid) music streaming app that allows listening to both local and online songs. You get limitless podcasts on Amazon Music too.

Amazon Music has cool scrolling lyrics so you can do karaoke all you want. Its Alexa-specific features are uncanny and you can stream music via Bluetooth and Chromecast too. It does have a few shortcomings such as a limited song library on its free version and lacks non-music content if you are a fan of it. Overall, Amazon Music gets an upper hand as one of the best music player apps for Android without any doubt.

You can get Amazon Music Unlimited at $7.99/mo. Amazon Music comes as a bundled service with Amazon Prime at $99/year. This includes Amazon Prime Delivery among others. Moreover, Amazon Music offers a plus plan to unlock 60M+ songs. It’s “HD” plan unlocks 60M+ songs in HD quality with Hi-Res quality and 24-bit.

Download: Amazon Prime Music

5. Pi Music Player

PI Music Player
Image Courtesy: PI Music Player (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Contains Ads | Offers In-app Purchases | Pro at $0.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

Certainly one of the best music players for Android hands down, Pi Music Player is a way to go. The app is equipped with a plethora of advanced features. It doesn’t just let you listen to music but lets you edit it as well. It has a floating player embedded with it for videos that ease multitasking. It has a Power Saving Mode that optimizes battery usage. It has a 5-band equalizer with 25 presets, 3D-Reverb Effects, Virtualizer, and Bass Boost at your disposal. 

Choose between four themes with intuitive controls and more. Pi Music Player is free to use and offers a tonne of optional in-app purchases. It does contain ads although it’s just a bit of compromise over the app you get to use for free. It is perhaps termed as a solid competitor in the music player category of apps. If you have a phone full of music libraries and you don’t want to go online, try Pi Music Player and groove to the music offline. 

Download: Pi Music Player

6. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player
Image Courtesy: Pulsar Music Player (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Pro at $4.99

OS: Android:

Popularity: 5M+ Downloads

If you don’t like the bells and whistles of your existing music player, Pulsar is at your service. It is a minimalist music player available with an intriguing ad-free experience. With Pulsar Music Player, you get a tonne of features including crossfade, gapless playback, tag editing, and others. Available in 36 different languages, the music player ensures you don’t lose out on using the powerful app. Although strapped with limited features even on its Pro version, Pulsar Music Player is a must-try. 

It has a replay gain volume normalization feature. It has Android Auto, Chromecast, and Google voice commands support to count a few. Overall, Pulsar is a good-looking & best music player apps for Android with all you need on-board. It is a pretty cheap pro subscription plan that you can subscribe to if you want to extend its functionalities. This includes a 5-band EQ controller, bass booster, 9 pre-built EQ presets among others. 

Download: Pulsar Music Player

7. BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer Music Player
Image Courtesy: BlackPlayer Music Player (Google Play Store)

Price: Free | Offers In-App Purchases | EX Pro at $3.59

OS: Android

Popularity: 1M+ Downloads

Another great application if you are looking for a music player is BlackPlayer. It is a free-to-use music player that you can use to play unlimited local content with ease. BlackPlayer has a modern yet minimalistic Material Design that adds to its USP. It supports various audio file formats that include FLAC, MP3, OGG among others.

The music player supports 5-Band Equalizer with Amplifier, 3D Surround Virtualizer, and BassBoost. It also supports gapless audio playback. You can add up to 3 widgets to control music on the go. Set up a sleep timer so that the app shuts down after a certain duration that you can set up. There’s embedded lyrics, ID3 tag editor, support to Android Auto, and Wear OS among others. A Pro version adds a string of new features at a nominal price tag. 

Download: BlackPlayer Music Player

8. Musicolet

Image Courtesy: Musicolet (Google Play Store)

Price: Free

OS: Android

Popularity: 1M+ Downloads

Musicolet is a free-to-use music player app for Android. It can play various file formats although just local audio files so you can’t download or stream anything. But hey, don’t think any less of Musicolet because it is a lightweight and powerful music player that you can try. With a minimalistic design and simple GUI, it adds to its USP. It is one of the handful of music player apps capable of forming multiple queues. You can create a maximum of 20 queues with it. 

Musicolet offers Tag Editor+ as well as folder browsing. It has gapless playback support and earphone controls allowing users to pause/play/next songs via earphones. It is equipped with features like sleep timers, widgets, Android auto support, dark theme, and more. Get embedded lyrics, a non-sensible music listening experience with one of the best music player apps for Android.

Download: Musicolet

That concludes our list of 8 best music player apps for Android that you must try. Some of these apps are free while some require one-time or recurring payments but it’s worth it if you are an audiophile. Let us know which app from the list above actually blew the alarm and also which one pissed you off in the past.

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