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PS5 Version of Hitman 3 Will Not Support PSVR: Only PS4 Version Will Work

The PlayStation 5 is likely to let down many players who own PlayStation VR headsets as they are not receiving support for the PS5 games. PS5 is not getting any new VR games for a while, and hence PSVR owners won’t be able to play the PS5 version of VR games like Hitman 3. Sony said in a statement to UploadVR that the PSVR headset would only work on the PlayStation 5 for PS4 VR games. Though, PS5 is a hundred times faster than the PS4 console but still does not support PSVR-supported games.

This is a big disappointment for PSVR owners who wanted to play VR games on the latest PS console. For them to play Hitman 3 with a PSVR headset on PS5, they’ll have to use the PS4 version of the game. It looks like they have no choice than making a big compromise.

Sony Offers Free Upgrade to PS5

Sony has confirmed in an interview with UploadVR that PSVR will not be compatible with PS5 versions of Hitman 3. This means that if players want to play Hitman 3 using PSVR, they’ll have to purchase the PS4 version of the game. “We have not announced PS5 titles for PS VR,” said the Sony spokesperson in the interview. PS5 is backward compatible with PS4 systems and hence supports the PS4 versions of the games. Based on this, it will give players the ability to play PS4 versions of games on PSVR.

Another game, No Man’s Sky, which Hello Games announced to release on the PS5 recently, did not list the support for PSVR in the PS5 version. It also has support for only the PS4 as the PSVR platform doesn’t actually support the PlayStation 5 version of the games. So, if you’re planning to buy PS5 in the coming weeks and want to try PSVR on the console, make sure you purchase PS4 versions of PSVR-supported games. The good news is that Sony will allow you to upgrade Hitman 3 and No Man’s Sky for free. To get a free PS5 upgrade of Hitman 3, you’ll first have to buy the game on PS4 digitally.

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