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10 Best Android File Manager Apps [UPDATED]

It is no doubt that file manager apps serve a great purpose, allowing us to access our files and folders. And if you work on too many projects surely, you must be well concerned with maintaining your data in an organized way. Nowadays, almost all Android phones come with their native file managing apps. But most of them don’t seem to be quite reliable, as they might be missing some of the essential features or so. Hence, we need to look for a better replacement for them.

And that is exactly why we have listed some of the best Android file manager apps. These applications employ all the basic necessities and some more advanced features to serve you in the best possible way. So, without wasting another moment, let’s dive into the list of our best file manager collection.

10 Best Android File Manager Apps

1. Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free

OS: Android

Popularity: 50,000,000+ downloads

Being one of the oldest file managing apps, Astro has most probably turned into a considerable and reliable file manager app for Android. It supports a storage organizer and super easy cleaner to clean your Android phone’s memory to boost its performance. Besides, it also comes with support for SD Card and cloud storage as well. So, now you can effortlessly backup your important files to the cloud. The file compression tool is the ultimate perk of this file explorer. Astro comes with a simple and intuitive interface with well-organized files and folders. The most interesting part is, Astro File Explorer is a free Android application with no in-app ad support.

Download: Astro File Manager

2. Root Explorer

Root Explorer - Best Android File Manager Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free/ Pro at $3.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 5,00,000+ downloads

This one is especially for the ones with rooted phones. The Root Explorer comes with quite an old-fashioned interface yet contains some of the most powerful features. The interface looks pretty simple and can be easily navigated. It features multiple tabs, Dropbox, Google Drive, multi-select execute scripts, and so much more. Since you have to use a rooted device, you can go beyond the boundaries and explore more fun. It allows you to experiment with the APK binary XML viewer, create symbolic links, change file owner or group, and a lot more.

Download: Root Explorer

3. FX File Manager

FX File Manager
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free/ Pro at $2.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 5,000,000+ downloads

FX File Manager is a completely secured file explorer for Android. Talking of its interface, it comes with a pretty decent one with well-categorized folders and some essential information on the display. It comes with support for network storage, multi-window, and encrypted archived files. FX doesn’t contain any sort of advertisements, nor does it track your data and its usage. Hence, with an FX manager, you can be sure of a safe and efficient file managing system. The app further shows your storage details in a neatly categorized manner so you can instantly identify and remove unnecessary files. Besides, FX is comparatively a new name among the others, yet it contains almost all the basic as well as other advanced features.

Download: FX File Explorer

4. E S File Explorer

E S File Explorer
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free

OS: Android

Popularity: 1,00,000+ downloads

E S File Explorer is a simple, safe, and highly efficient Android File explorer. It is a full-featured file manager built for both local as well as networked use. It comes with all the essential basics, such as copy/paste files from one location to another, move files, multi-select, rename, and so. Besides, E S File Explorer also puts a great collection of desktop-grade features right in your pocket. Transfer any Android application, videos, images, music, or documents with others without the use of your mobile data or any external cable. It also employs built-in players and viewers, which supports various file types. E S explorer also features an in-built ZIP and RAR support, remote file access, root explorer, SD card Analyzer, and some other features that make it worth a try.

Download: E S File Explorer

5. Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer - Best Android File Manager Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free

OS: Android

Popularity: 5,000,000+ downloads

Cx File Explorer features a great combination of powerful functionality and minimalistic material designed UI. The interface looks pretty neat, with only the important information on the front page. It displays the internal storage, SD Card, Downloads, Apps, and Recycle Bin icons. At the top, you can see the storage analyzer for your internal storage. It further categorizes which files are consuming how much space from the main memory. The layout is friendly and helps in easily accessing your files. Moreover, the explorer also comes with some advanced functionality like accessing files over remote or shared storage suck as FTP, LAN, FTPS, SMB, etc. you can manually organize your files and folders and manage all installed applications with ease.

Download: Cx File Explorer

6. Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free/ in-app purchase

OS: Android

Popularity: 1,000,000+ downloads

Amaze File Manager is an open-source lightweight file manager for Android. It’s comparatively a newer name yet does a pretty decent job. The file manager is based on material designed guidelines and runs very smooth on the device. Amaze comes with all the basic features like cut, copy, paste, rename, sort by, etc. Interestingly, it also supports multi-tab functioning and features some of the coolest themes and icons to make it look more catchy to the eyes. Some of the highlighted features include SMB file sharing, root explorer, AES encryption, and decryption, could support, and a built-in app manager for uninstalling unwanted applications. Amaze File manager provides a considerable service from an overall perspective and manages pretty much of everything without letting you feel bloated.

Download: Amaze File Manager

7. MiXplorer Silver- File Manager

MiXplorer Silver- File Manager - Best Android File Manager Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: $4.49

OS: Android

Popularity: 10,000+ downloads

MiXplorer Silver is an interesting pick, especially known for its rich list of features. The user interface looks simple and comes in very handy. The app is easily themeable and supports some basic customizations to give it any type of appearance you desire. Like other normal file browsers, it does come with support for archives, cloud storage, advanced file browsing function, HTML viewer, and more. Some of its niche features include PDF reader, EPub, and MobiPlacket. MiXplorer performs all the necessities with its normal application, and however, for certain advanced operations, it needs root access. Besides, it also supports additional plugins for more functionality.

Download: MiXplorer Silver

8. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free/ Pro at $2.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 5,000,000+ downloads

The Solid Explorer File Manager is inspired by the old school file commanders, which has come into great popularity in recent times. It comes with a dual-pane layout that helps you easily manage your files. With strong AES encryption, protect your files in a secured folder. It comes with support for cloud storage or NAS, so you can effortlessly store and manage all your files and folders over the server and backup your data to any specified destination. Solid Explorer features a very elegant user interface that runs evenly on the devices. In addition, it also has support for root access, FTP/ SFTP servers, archives, storage analyzer, and more. Solid Explorer lets you store, manage, and organize remote files and folders effortlessly via your Android smartphone.

Download: Solid Explorer

9. MK Explorer

MK Explorer - Best Android File Manager Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free/ Pro at $4.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 5,00,000+ downloads

MK Explorer is comparatively a much simpler one with not much-glorified features and so. Hence, if you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use file manager, this must definitely suit your purposes. The interface is based on a materialistic design that comes in handy. MK file manager equips most of the basic functionalities, including copy, paste, delete, move, and a few more options. It supports several keyboard shortcuts and easy file browsing. You can extract the ZIP and RAR archive without much issue and further compress your regular files to ZIP. Although simple, MK explorer still comes with root access support, a built-in music player, text-editor, gallery, and SD Card support.

Download: MK Explorer

10. Total Commander

Total Commander - Best Android File Manager Apps
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Price: Free

OS: Android

Popularity: 10,000,000+ downloads

Total Commander is a file manager that comes with almost all the essential features a user could desire. The most impressive thing about it is that it does not contain any advertisements. However, the home folder of the app displays a link “Add Folder,” which is normally treated as some sort of advertisement by the Play Store. The app certainly comes with a dark interface that looks pleasing to the eyes. It supports various file types and equips all the regular functionalities. The file explorer further comes with FTP/ SFTP clients, root support, LAN access in the form of plugins. Besides, you can send files through Bluetooth (OBEX) and contain a configurable button bar for sending shell commands, changing directories, and launching apps. Another notable feature of this app is it comes with certain optimizations for the visually impaired ones.

Download: Total Commander

From Editor’s Desk

Finally, these were the 10 best Android file manager apps that are certain to provide you the best ever experience. In my experience, the free versions of the applications provide most of the offered functionalities. However, if you want a much refined and uninterrupted experience, only then you must upgrade to their pro versions. So, let us know your thoughts on these Android file manager apps and comment below if we missed out on something great.

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