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9 Best Android Data Recovery Software

Nobody likes losing data no matter the reason. It could be an old photo or video of your loved ones. It could be an important document or so. There are plenty of reasons behind losing a file or files such as accidentally deleting ‘em, corrupt memory among others. A deleted file on a PC can be recovered from the Recycle Bin but your Android phone doesn’t have a recycle bin. This means once you accidentally or intentionally delete a file, it is gone. That is where Android Data Recovery Software comes into play.

These are specialized software that users can utilize to regain access to certain deleted files to a great extent. Here’s how this software work on your Android device. Here’s a curated list of 9 best Android Data Recovery Software that you can check out.

Why is Data Recovery Software required?

As said, nobody likes when they lose data. It could be anything from a single file to a trove of files and there could be millions of reasons behind the files vanishing. Some files might carry important information about you or business or something you do. Some files might have your memories as photos and videos. Similarly, some might have your documents such as a scanned copy of your passport that you would otherwise use in places where you aren’t required to carry a passport physically. 

Usually, PCs are made to have a recycle bin that acts as a temporary folder before you can delete files permanently. This privilege is not available on Android unless it is photos or videos and that too on recent phones. You cannot scour the memory to find bits of data that you can bind together physically. That is where data recovery software is used to do the hard work. Most of these software have high success rates although there are certain factors that can influence it too. Running a data recovery software as soon as noticing a deleted file is crucial.

How does Android Data Recovery Software work?

Knowing how these Android data recovery software works are of utmost importance for most people. As said, Android smartphones don’t have a recycle bin where deleted files can be stored temporarily. Thus, deleting a file once means deleting it forever. But there’s a catch.

When you delete a file, it is marked as 0 and the space occupied by that file or files is made available for other files. The space remains empty until the system doesn’t overwrite it with new data. This creates a temporary path where you can get access to the deleted files until they are overwritten. But it costs time, money, and a lot of effort to recover lost data. Luckily, professional tools called data recovery software are equipped with all the machinery, mechanisms, and algorithms needed to recover data.

These tools score the storage or memory for traces of the lost data. It simply files spaces with the value ‘0’ and binds together all other spaces in a salvageable format. The chances of recovering a file are higher if you run these tools right after deleting the file in question. As time goes and the system gets more data, it overwrites it thereby the probability of recovering data reduces. Thus, it is highly recommended to run Android data recovery software as soon as you notice a lost file or files to increase the probability of recovering it. 

9 Best Android Data Recovery Software

1. dr.fone

Via Wondershare Dr.fone

Price: 1 year at $39.95 (Windows) and $69.95/year (Mac) | Lifetime access at $49.95 (Windows) and $79.95/year (Mac)

OS: Windows, Mac

dr.fone promises the highest degree of data retrieval on your Android smartphone. No matter if you accidentally deleted files or if it is damaged, system crash, rooting error, factory reset, dr.fone will get your files safe and sound. dr.fone has one of the highest success rates in the industry supporting more than 6000 devices. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows and allows extracted lost data from your Android.

Recover data from a broken, frozen, or otherwise damaged Samsung and other Android devices. Used by more than 153M+ customers, dr.fone has an upper hand in Android data recovery software. Scan for internal storage, SD card, or frozen device, dr.fone does it all in just a few easy steps. The software shows previews for free, selective recovery is enabled as well. It supports both root & unrooted devices as well.

Download: Windows Mac

2. Tenorshare UltData

Tenorshare UltData
Via Tenorshare UltData Website

Price: $29.95/mo, $39.95/year, and $49.95 lifetime license

OS: Windows, Mac

May it be files, WhatsApp data, PDF, contacts, or photos, or call records, Tenorshare UltData is capable of recovering it all. With absolutely no data deduction, the software makes it a piece of cake by recovering files. UltData supports more than 6000 Android devices and recovers data lost due to system root, OS crash, accidental deletion, water damage, or other factors. 

It takes just three steps and you’ll start recovering files from your Android device. No doubt it is called one of the best Android data recovery software due to its prowess. The app is equipped with features like a preview before recovery, safe recovery, and so on. It is compatible with almost all Android versions and accessible on both Windows and Mac as well.

Download: Tenorshare UltData

3. iMyFone D-Back

iMyFone D-Back
Via iMyFone D-Back

Price: Basic at $34.95/1 device/1 year | $44.95/1 device/1 year

OS: Windows

iMyFone D-Back is another well-known and popular Android data recovery software. It retrieves data that was otherwise lost without rooting your Android device. Data could be could due to several reasons including virus attack, system crash, accidental deletion, frozen or crashed phone, and so on. The app recovers 11 types of data including call history, contacts, audio, videos, calendars among others with optimum security and at a faster rate. 

D-Back is equipped with three modes to recover lost data. You can either recover data directly from your Android device or via Google Drive backup or from your broken phone with ease. It is certainly one of the high-speed data retrieval software unmatched by others on many fronts. The app has a preview and filters feature to get your hands on before reclaiming those files. It supports Android 2.0 and above, a large number of OEMs and it is available on Windows.

Download: iMyFone D-Back

4. FonePaw

Via FonePaw Website

Price: $49.90 for Single User Lifetime, $79.95 for Multi-user and $299.00 for Business

OS: Windows, Mac

Another best Android Data Recovery Software, FonePaw has a huge following in this type of software. The app is equipped with the ability to recover deleted files, photos, videos, contacts, documents, and others on your Android phone. It is easy to use and offers high-speed data retrieval. The software securely recovers files without any loss that adds to its USP.

Another popular feature that FonePaw offers in preview files before you can recover it that saves time and effort. It doesn’t matter why you lost your data, may it be an accidental deletion or a nuclear blast, if you have your phone, FonePaw will recover the data. The program supports more than 6000 Android smartphones with Android 2.0 to Android 9.0. It does have some shortcomings but overall, it is still a worthy data recovery software to try out. 

Download: Windows Mac

5. EaseUS MobiSaver for Android 5.0

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android 5.0
Via EaseUS MobiSaver for Android 5.0 Website

Price: Free Trial | Pro at $39.95 (Personal) and $399.00 (Business)

OS: Windows

No doubt losing data from your Android phone mustn’t happen even in your wildest dream. But anything from a virus attack to device failure to improper handling might cause important file(s) to dislocate or delete permanently. On these occasions, EaseUS MobiSaver for Android will serve as a data retrieval software. No matter the cause, EaseUS MobiSaver for Android will retrieve a string of file types and formats including music, documents, contacts, and others. 

It takes three steps to commence the retrieval and the software will take care of the rest. It operates at a high-speed unlike most of the Android data recovery software, saving a lot of time. It is powerful and exercises complete protection on your privacy and security no matter what. It lets you preview files and filter ‘em before recovery. It doesn’t limit the number of files or size you can retrieve so hurry and download it right away. 

Download: EaseUS MobiSaver for Android 5.0

6. FoneLab Android Data Recovery 

FoneLab Android Data Recovery
Via FoneLab Android Data Recovery Website

Price: Free Trial | $44.76 to $79.94 (Windows), Broken Phone Data Extraction at $31.96| $44.76 to $79.94 (Mac) 

OS: Windows, Mac

Be it due to a virus attack or someone submerged your phone in water or it was due to accidental deletion, lost files are a no go. This is where FoneLab Android Data Recovery comes into play. It can recover data from your Android smartphone and by the way, it supports 6000+ Android models. The software can recover lost/deleted data from SD card and SIM Cards as well. It has a long list of features such as it is powerful and safe to use, it recovers data with previews available beforehand. 

The program can recover a wide array of file types and formats. It includes music, videos, call logs, messages, contacts, documents, and the list goes on. Available for both Windows and Mac OS, the software brings your Android to life if it is on life support with data deleted due to XYZ reasons. It takes three simple steps and you are well on your way to reclaiming the lost files that would save your day for sure. Doesn’t matter if that deleted file has some sentimental value to you or if it’s professional, FoneLab has your back. 

Download: Windows Mac

7. PhoneRescue

Via PhoneRescue Website

Price: $39.99/year, $49.99 Lifetime Access, $299 for Business License

OS: Windows, Mac

PhoneRescue from iMobie is a reliable Android data recovery software. It has one of the highest success rates in the industry. It is the only software that transfers recovered data directly to the phone and not via the PC. It is equipped with technology to find and recover both hidden and lost data without needing to root the phone. It covers an exhaustive list of Android smartphones from a series of OEMs across the globe. 

PhoneRescue digs out files that even you didn’t know existed. It finds photos, videos, WhatsApp media among other types of files from the corner of your device’s storage. It is password secured to prevent prying eyes which is another USP. It is super easy to use even for non-techy people. It’s assured that you’ll get hold of your lost data and files in a couple of minutes with PhoneRescue.

Download: PhoneRescue

8. Recoverit Photo Recovery

Recoverit Photo Recovery
Via Recoverit Photo Recovery

Price: $35.95/PC/Month, $39.99/year, $49.95 for Lifetime Access | Pro at $79.95/1PC/1Year, $99.95/1PC/1Year, and $399.95/Unlimited PC (Mac)

OS: Windows, iOS

Recoverit is another well-known data recovery company and has top-notched recovery solutions for Mac and Windows. Photo Recovery from Recoverit covers smartphones, computers, and absolutely all other storage devices. It can’t restore any files except video and audio and it supports a lot of formats in its exhaustive list. The software can either recover data that was earlier stored on your Android phone or any camera, storage devices, SD cards, and so on. 

You can also use this software to recover data on your Windows and Mac computers as well. Lost data could be due to partition loss, system crash, virus attack but whatever the reason might be, Recoverit Photo Recovery always has your back. 

Download: Recoverit Photo Recovery

9. Jihosoft Android Data Recovery

Jihosoft Android Data Recovery
Via Jihosoft Android Data Recovery

Price: Free Trial | Pro at $49.95

OS: Windows, Mac

Summoned as one of the best Android data recovery software, Jihosoft Android Data Recovery has a massive following. It lets you recover all your lost or deleted data be it contacts, videos, WhatsApp media, documents, or other files. The software supports Android 2.1 to Android 9.0 and has more than 6000 Android phones and tablets under its supported list.

You won’t need a rocket science degree to run and retrieve files as it is as easy as it could be. Simply Connect, Scan, and Recover. You can use its Preview option to scan through what files you want and which ones you don’t want to recover. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Download: Jihosoft Android Data Recovery

Losing data is a no go and a painful experience for many. We did our research to find the best Android data recovery software and hopefully, you will get hands-on with the lost files using any of these. I recommend using multiple of them right after you notice a file(s) missing to increase the chances of recovering it. Moreover, these apps are fast, secure, and efficient at what they do. Let us know which one actually came to your rescue. 

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