Home News After Tesla Tequila’s Launch, It’s Bottle’s Packaging Appears Online

After Tesla Tequila’s Launch, It’s Bottle’s Packaging Appears Online

Elon Musk company Tesla Inc launched its own premium liquor beverage called Tesla Tequila on November 5. The electric-car maker’s own brand of Tequila appeared online on Tesla website for sale at $250. Surprisingly, the product was quickly listed as “out of stock” within hours of its launch. Now, after a day following its launch, pictures of $250 Tesla Tequila’s bottle packaging have appeared online. The product listing on Tesla website had earlier revealed a sleek, lightning-shaped design of the bottle.

Pictures of the packaging of Tesla Tequila have surfaced over Twitter, which shows the packaging encasing the $250 lightning bolt-shaped bottle. Twitter user @Edgar707KiDS first shared the pictures that show the package he received after he managed to purchase the drink.

What’s Inside Tesla Tequila Package

After Tesla Tequila's Launch, It's Bottle's Packaging Appears Online
Image courtesy: @Edgar707KiDS | Twitter

The package consists of a commemorative box and item description. The box encases a Tesla Tequila bottle that looks like the shape of a lightning bolt, a label, and a manual that reads the proper procedure for opening the bottle’s lid. The label inside the box states, “This bottle was handcrafted by skilled glass artisans, as such, it has imperfections and markings that make each bottle unique. Please take care when handling your bottle of Tesla Tequila.”

On the other hand, the directions in the procedure clearly state to ‘pull the lid directly up and not to side’. It reads, “To remove the cap, please pull straight up carefully. Do not pull at an angle or sideways. Failure to follow these instructions could result in breakage.”

If you don’t know, Elon Musk brought the idea of Tesla Tequila on April Fools Day in 2018. He had also shared the image of the “Teslaquilla” bottle, but that was slightly different from the actual one launched recently. But now, the April Fools’ joke has turned real, and the liquor beverage is already out for people. However, the shipments are currently available to select US states only. You may check the list of these states here.


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