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Unresponsive Apps on Mac? Discover the Quick Ways to Fix these!

The chances of running into significant issues while operating a Mac device are less. These devices are fast and allow a seamless user experience. However, you may run into problems sometimes where your apps become unresponsive.

A simple reset works as an easy solution for fixing the problem in normal circumstances. However, to your bad, if you still encounter unresponsive apps, it may derail your productivity. It may lead to hours of annoyance. The problem deserves a solution, especially when you’re in the middle of meaningful work and fear your Mac application might cause a problem.

If you wish to find a solution, it is time for you to start digging deeper and find a quick fix for unresponsive apps on Mac. Stick on to know what these are:

  • Update the Application:

Some applications aren’t compatible with Mac devices. However, suppose you’ve had apps previously that are causing problems like becoming unresponsive. In that case, there isn’t an issue with the app compatibility.

One reason can be using the outdated version of the app, which might not make your device support the app. If this situation applies to you, make sure to open the app and update the same. If you have downloaded the app from the app store, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open App Store on Mac
  2. On the left-hand toolbar, look for updates.
  3. If you see a visible update, make sure to download it.

Updating the app will ensure having compatibility with the device, which further acts as a quick fix.

  • Uninstall & Reinstall the App:

While you may never wish to indulge in the hassle of uninstalling as well as reinstalling the app, it can be your last resort. You may never want to do so because you’ll have to log into your account again.

However, to ensure a top-notch Mac user experience, you may have to uninstall some applications. And, make sure to reinstall the app only if you require using it. By uninstalling the app, you’ll be able to optimize your storage space and enhance performance.

Follow these steps for uninstalling the app from your Mac:

  1. Open Finder and click on the Applications tab
  2. Drag the application you wish to delete to the bin
  3. Open the bin and click on Empty at the top

Know that you can always reinstall the app if you deem it necessary.

  • Limit the Number of Apps you Open on Startup:

If you have an unresponsive app that’s up-to-date, ensure thinking of other ways to fix the issue. One possible problem can be having too many apps running on your device, which leads to a deterioration in Mac performance.

Thus, make sure to limit the number of apps you allow to open during the startup of your device. On the apps on the dock, remove the apps you wish to stop from starting up. After this, click on the (-) button at the app’s bottom.

Ensure restarting your Mac after successfully doing so to see if it’s made a difference.

The Verdict- Help Mac Respond Better

It is an utter annoyance to have apps that don’t respond, especially when you’ve tried to restart your Mac. However, to your relief, there are ways of solving the problem. With these tips, there are solutions for fixing an unresponsive app. You can also reach out to Apple’s Support team if the problem persists.


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