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Dig your teeth into these fang-tastic wolf-themed slot games

If you’ve ever dreamt of running with wolves, leading a pack or howling like a werewolf, then these fang-tastic Slots are sure to secure you an exciting hunt – with the potential for some seriously meaty wins. If you’re ready for an adventure, then we have just the thing for you. Sharpen your claws and prepare to spin the reels in these hair-raising online slots.

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Wolf Gold

This exciting slot game will transport you to a beautiful night scene, where the last golden ribbons of the setting sun sweep across the sky. Wolf Gold features a variety of animals, such as a bison, eagles and, of course, the wolf, which acts as the game’s wild. A striking sunrise behind a mountain is this game’s scatter symbol, and three of these will land you a 1x payout alongside five free spins! More free spins are thrown your way when you find another set of scatter symbols – reels two, three and four will spin together and act as one giant symbol. What’s more, if yet another set of scatter symbols land during the free spins round, you will get another three bonus spins!

A big, blue moon is the game’s money symbol, which will take on a random symbol from a predefined spin. If six or more of these symbols present themselves on the reels, the money re-spin feature will be triggered. During this, every time a blue moon rises on the reels, you will receive three more respins. The round will continue until all your free spins are finished, or the reels are filled with moon symbols. After this, the value of all the symbols will be added together and the total will be added to your bankroll. You can expect an even bigger payout if all 15 positions on the reels are filled – as this is how you win the mega jackpot!

There are three different jackpots in this game – the mini, major, and mega jackpots –the value of each being displayed at the top of the reels during gameplay, and can change depending on how many players are playing the game! With gameplay starting from just 0.25 coins, and with a demo mode featuring alongside an auto-play button – the opportunities to release your wild side and discover the way of the wolf in this game really are endless.

Wolf Ridge

You’ll become the Alpha of this pack as you prowl through the reels and hunt for your next payout. Enjoy a snowy landscape as you become immersed into this fast-paced, Artic world. The prize disk feature is triggered when a wolf looks you face-on and eyes you up for his next meal. The prize disk will shift to the left, one reel at a time upon each spin, with its value varying from 2x to 70x your bet. What’s more, during a free spin round – which is triggered by an icon displaying a magical phrase – the value of the moving prize disk will have the potential to reach up to 150x your bet! These prizes are then multiplied by a further three when the bonus scatter lands on the third reel, triggering a win. When a different wolf pounces on the reels, you’ll receive the biggest line win possible – with 500 coins up for grabs when he appears five times. A variety of other animals will join the hunt, and unearth a maximum of 200x your initial wager. You’ll also discover sparkling gems within the snow, so keep an eye out for these lower playing symbols, as your bankroll could be boosted by up to 40x if you stumble across the heart. Wolf Ridge offers the perfect chance to run wild with wolves as you hunt, hide, and howl with joy! What’s not to love?

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