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Top 10 Free DXF File Libraries for CNC Cutting

There are so many benefits of using CNC cutting, one of which is precision/accuracy. It also reduces labor costs and ensures a faster turnaround time. This is why many industries use it for prototyping and customization of products. When it comes to libraries online that offer cutting designs, you can trust DXFforCNC.com for all of your DXF file needs.

We know that you wish for designs that have both quality and quantity. We have prepared a list below of the top 10 DXF libraries that you can use for CNC cutting:


There’s a clear reason why we had this site as our number one choice for DXF file libraries. They have different designs in various categories for you to choose from. Some of their categories include machinery, automobile, animals, nature, decoration, sports, and more. You can easily purchase all the designs from any category of your choice from $1,000. As for single designs, you can expect to spend anywhere from $7.

For those who may not have the funds to spend on premium designs, you can equally get decent ones for free. In fact, there are just about 400 designs that come for free. You can have your designs ready in SVG or DXF formats, all cut ready.

One thing to love about this library is that it is very easy to find and use. Also, individual designs are easily presented from the homepage

CNC Cutting Design


Yet another source for DXF files is this one right here. The designs not only come from students but also professionals who’ve been around for a while. They have different panels, decorative models, vintage vector designs, and photo frames.

The company may seem new to you in the market, but the people behind it are veterans of the industry. The free section here offers a few designs, especially for panels. As for membership options, the pricing is between $40 and $150 every year. But you then get free download benefits.

CG Trader

CG trader has over a million 3D models and designs that you can use for CNC cutting. There are both paid and free options on the site depending on what you’re looking for. You can customize and commercialize the designs you download from the CG trader site, but cannot upload them to other sites for resale.


This is CAD software that maintains free DXF libraries for users. The library has weekly updates where new designs are added to the list of existing ones. By simply creating a free account, you are ready to download different designs as per your choice and preference. You can equally customize and commercialize these designs as you wish. However, they don’t permit you to redistribute the designs to other websites.


Even though MyMiniFactory joined the design party a bit late compared to other DXF file sources, it has quickly risen into a market for creative designs and creators. There are several designs that you can use for CNC cutting. Thus, you can get a lot of inspiration from this site.

The only downside with this DXF library is that searching for models that are specifically for CNC cutting can be a bit of a challenge. This is due to the absence of a filter for this purpose.



This is by far one of the largest communities for 3D printing designs. It has just over 2 million designs that you can choose from. Their community comprises over 3 million individuals who are dedicated to designing and creating content. It is a platform where users get to share their individual designs in DXF format. The best part is that you don’t even need to create an account if you’re simply downloading a design. However, if you’re either uploading or doing anything else on the site, then you will need one.


From Instructables, you can get a whole lot of tutorials about designs and even the designs too. There are a lot of DXF designs for CNC cutting that you can get and download from the site. You can get beautiful panels and screens here. You only need one account and you’re ready to start downloading and accessing their content.


Etsy is more generalized in terms of what they offer. It’s basically an online marketplace for creative things that people make. However, they’ve been expanding to DXF file designs for CNC cutting. You can interact with the creative here to pick the right designs for CNC cutting.


This is yet another generalized site that offers a wider offering of different stuff. You can search Pinterest for the ideal designs in DXF files for CNC cutting today.

DXF Design

Lastly, on the list of libraries that you can use, this one right here. They have different options for DXF file designs for CNC cutting that you can easily download, customize, and use.

Final Thoughts

Above are 10 of the recommended libraries that offer designs in DXF format. We now hope that you have a clear clue on where to start when looking for the right design for CNC cutting.

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