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Tesla Model 3 Becomes Best-Selling Electric Vehicle in Europe

Tesla is one of the biggest players in the electric vehicle market and has sales across the globe. According to the latest report from EV Sales Blog, Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe. The car has taken the top spot as the most popular EV in Europe as per its sales in August. The Tesla EV overtook Europe’s most popular, Renault Zoe, the car that has dominated the European market for several months.

As per the report, Tesla’s Model 3 sales went up to 7,020 in August in Europe. The electric car took the top spot from Renault Zoe that has sales of 6,183 units. Zoe from Renault stayed in second place, trailing the Tesla car by 837 vehicle units. The other three positions in the top 5 list were taken by Ford Kuga PHEV, Hyundai Kona EV, and Mercedes A250e with the respective sales of 5,055, 4,054, and 3,505 units.

Tesla Doesn’t Have Production Facility in Europe

Elon Musk’s electric car manufacturing company does not have a functioning production facility in the entire continent of Europe. Despite this, the Tesla Model 3 managed to dominate the European market last month. Though Tesla is now building one production facility near Berlin in Germany, but it won’t start making cars until summer next year.

Because of the unavailability of the production unit in Europe, Tesla delivers its cars to Europe from its facility in Fremont, California. It increases the overall price of vehicles, and hence Tesla cars are slightly expensive in Europe than the United States. In Germany, the Model 3 Standard Range+ costs $49,840 as opposed to $37,990 in the US.

Tesla Model 3 Becomes Best-Selling Electric Vehicle in Europe
Image Courtesy: EV Sales Blog

However, Renault Zoe still holds the top ranking as a whole in 2020, with sales of over 52,150 units. On the other hand, Model 3 has sold a little over 41,000 vehicles this year till August, about 11,000 units less. Also, the total EV market share of Renault Zoe is 9%, while Model 3 contributes 7% of the electric car market.


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