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Flipkart Pledges to Make 100% Transition to Electric Vehicles by 2030

Walmart-owned Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart has announced that it will make a 100% transition to electric vehicles by 2030. The company has joined the Climate Group’s EV100 initiative to make electric transport a new normal by 2030. The EV100 initiative brings the companies together to accelerate the transition to EVs (electric vehicles).

Today, Flipkart showed its commitment to support the wider adoption of electric vehicles by making a complete transition to EVs. The company committed to the phased integration of electric vehicles into its entire fleet by 2030. Whether Flipkart directly owns the vehicles or leases from somewhere else, every vehicle shall be electric. Flipkart will install charging infrastructure, place requirements in the company’s service contracts, conduct awareness programs, and more to achieve this. Flipkart is going to play a major role in achieving India’s aim of 30% electric mobility by 2030.

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Statements From Key People

Kalyan Krishnamurthy, the CEO of Flipkart had said that their commitment to the initiative ties in with this larger vision of environmental sustainability. He said it allows them to “learn from the most forward-thinking global perspectives as part of the EV100 ecosystem.”

Divya Sharma, the India Executive Director of Climate Group said in a response that the Climate Group is thrilled to see Flipkart being a part of EV100. She said, “Flipkart will play a significant role in fostering innovation in technology and exchanging knowledge.” She also urged more Indian companies to be a part of the initiative and improve air quality for the long-term.

More About the Climate Group

Climate Group is a non-profit organization that works with businesses and policymakers to address climate change. It brings together businesses and governments to accelerate climate action and work for environment friendly solutions. The organization started the EV100 initiative to make the world businesses adapt to electric vehicles and cut off the carbon emissions.


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