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How to Make Money in GTA 5 online – Top 7 Ways

The entire Grand Thief Auto series has been one of the most entertaining games since our childhood. And undoubtedly, GTA 5 online is among the finest installments of this game until now. It comes with stunning graphics, an exciting storyline, the ability to loot or make money in GTA 5, and obviously the gameplay.

What makes it different is the multi-player mode, which lacks in all the previous installments of the series. Apart from that, GTA 5 has already awarded the universal critic for its overall fantastic gaming experience.

But what if there was a way to earn online through this game? Well, good news! Not one, but there are multiple missions through which you can make money in GTA 5 online. Most importantly, the tasks are not too difficult compared to the profit amount, although you will require some practice and experience.

Also, most of the missions are quick, and you can make an instant income. Whereas some assignments are lengthy and keep running in the background, you can again use them for a passive income.

How to Make Money in GTA 5 online
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How To Make Money In GTA 5 Online?

Well, there are quite a few ways to earn money via GTA 5 online. However, it takes the players a reasonable amount of time to find tasks with higher returns.

Accordingly, you also have to find the right way of completing each task in order to generate a considerable profit. So, here are some of the best missions in GTA 5 online through which you can manage to make some good money:

1. Double Money Events

How to Make Money in GTA 5 online
Image Courtesy: rockstargames.com

First and foremost, keep yourself updated with the double money events. They are a pretty good source that will help you generate a passive income. GTA almost comes up with new ideas for this event every week. Sometimes it might be on the exhilarating races, time trials, or various other adversary modes.

Apart from this, my favorite method in the 2x money event is through the bunkers. This is largely because it is one of the best passive income sources in the entire game.

Once you set up everything successfully, the business keeps running itself and generates good profits. Also, keep an eye on the sale discounts. We all know buying the stuff in-game costs a hefty amount; therefore, a small discount can be perfect for a start.

2. Time Trials

Time Trials
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A time trial is another major event that crashes once in a week and is an excellent source to earn some instant cash. You only need to reach the given destination from the starting point within the specified time. It might seem to be a very easy one, but believe me, it’s not.

Firstly, you need to make sure you have a super-fast vehicle, and if you have an upgraded model, this will add up to your advantage.

The next and the most important thing to remember is, you will only get a few trials. Hence, you cannot afford to lose too many times. Or else you will lose the challenge.

Expected Profit Potential: $50k per time trial

3. Heists

How to Make Money in GTA 5 online
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Next up is the heist, which is again an excellent pick to earn a tremendous amount at a considerable time. However, this is not a solo task, and you will need the help of three more participants. I recommend choosing outstanding players to accomplish heists successfully.

For starters, you would have to pay a certain amount beforehand in order to become the host of your heist. The faster you complete, the more profit you generate. Therefore, make sure that you hold the best communication with your group members.

Expected Profit Potential: $400k per hour

4. Gunrunning

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These missions are all about stealing or buying supplies. In case you select to steal the supplies, you will have to deliver it to the bunker yourself. On the other hand, if you choose to buy them, the supplies will be safely delivered to the bunker itself while you are exploring other stuff in the game.

You can later turn those supplies into stocks and earn a good profit by selling them in the market. You can make a potential profit of around $80k per hour, which sounds pretty impressive.

Moreover, it gives a real feel to the player as you get a chance to create your own organization and become its CEO. From my personal point of view, I think buying supplies is more beneficial rather than stealing it. This saves a lot of my time, which can be used in other productive missions.

Expected Profit Potential: $80k per hour

5. Air Freight Cargo

Air Freight Cargo
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Just like the Gunrunning mission, this mission is again about collecting and selling cargo. Although you won’t get massive benefits, the Air Freight Cargo mission still manages to make more earnings than the Gunrunning mission.

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Firstly, you will have to complete a mission to deliver the cargo to your hangar. In the next step, you can sell the collected cargo using the laptop in the hangar. For selling, it will take another mission where you will deliver the cargo to its destination.

Expected Profit Potential: $150k per hour

6. Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle Club
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Become the president and build your own motorcycle club in GTA 5 online. You can find all these options directly in the interaction menu itself. All you need to do is deliver supplies to your business building, or you can try buying them.

This will take no effort, and your delivery will reach you safely. Once you have it in the building, all the staff will start transforming it into stocks.

You can then sell them back, for which you need to complete another mission to make a successful delivery. You can make good profits of up to $80k per hour. If you try dealing in cocaine, it will give you the maximum returns.

You can use this as a passive income, which will keep running in the background while you get engaged with other instant payments.

Expected Profit Potential: $80k per hour

7. Doomsday Heist

How to Make Money in GTA 5 online
Image Courtesy: rockstargames.com

Just like the normal heists in the game, the Doomsday heist is again a group mission. However, this time you can either play with one, two, or three more members. In simple words, it is just another upgraded version of the regular heists that features more twists and turns.

Along with your team, you will have to complete the preps, setup, and final missions together. The Doomsday heist profits can range relatively higher than the regular ones, which revolve around $300k or more.

Expected Profit Potential: $300k per hour


There are many other methods of earning money online from GTA 5. However, these were some of the best missions considering their hefty return amounts. While some tasks need good team coordination, some are only solo missions. In addition, throughout your journey in completing these missions, you can further explore GTA 5 online and come up with more tricks and opportunities.

Note that GTA 5 online comes up with various discounts, offers, and high return values quite often. Therefore, if you are really into gaming and want to make some good profit, don’t remove your eye from the regular updates.

We believe this article helped you a lot. And if there are any of your favorite missions that we forgot to mention on the list, please do comment it below.


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