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Samsung Internet 13.0 Takes Browsing Experience to Next Level With its New Update and Features

After announcing a new major update to Bixby recently that brings a new overhauled look, South Korean tech giant Samsung has now announced a new update for Samsung Internet as well on December 2, 2020. The new update brings major changes to the browsing experience along with cool new features.

The big highlight of the Samsung Internet 13.0 is Secret mode. This feature clears the browsing history as soon as the tabs are closed. Secret mode’s icon is present on the address bar that lets the user know when this feature is enabled.

Moreover, the new update also introduced a really good feature that tracks malicious websites. It then sends notifications to the user about the same.

The browser sends notifications when there is some malicious website
Image Courtesy: Samsung

The new update brings a new browsing experience for good. The new High Contrast Mode when enabled with dark mode brings more life to the font and other components. This makes everything easier to read and access.

Not only that, users can also hide the status bar to get more screen for a seamless browsing experience.

Samsung Internet also introduces a gesture that enables pausing of the video by double-tapping in the middle of the screen.

The new update also brings the Expandable App Bar. This makes Bookmarks, Saved Pages, History, and downloads easier to access.

For convenience, one can also edit the title of bookmarks which makes them easier to recognize

For tech geeks, Application Programming Interface (API) modules are available. This further includes WebRequest, Proxy, Cookies, Types, History, Privacy, Notifications, Alarms, Permissions, Idle, and Management. The API will allow developers to add their extensions to the web browser by contacting the Samsung team.

The new update of Samsung Internet will soon be available on Galaxy Store and Google Play Store.


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