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Samsung Galaxy S20 Receives New Update, Gets Even More Powerful

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S20 series is now receiving a new update since August 21. The Galaxy S20 series will get the popular features of Note20 along with the One UI 2.5 update. The company had recently debuted One UI 2.5 with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series.

The One UI 2.5 update will bring a lot of features from the Note20 series, an attempt from Samsung to bring the Note20 features to other Galaxy devices. Here’s the list of features that Galaxy S20 will receive with the new software update.

Enhanced Camera With Cinematic Vision

Samsung Galaxy S20 Receives New Update, Gets Even More Powerful
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You can produce high-fidelity videos with Pro Video mode on the S20 series alone. Now you can give your videos a cinematic look just by shooting the video in 8K with the frame rate of 24fps. With Pro Video mode, you can even control your smartphone’s microphone direction to pick up the specific sounds while shooting the video.

Samsung Notes App Gets New Features

Samsung Notes is getting even more powerful with the new update on Galaxy S20. Now you can do things much faster on your S20 smartphones. You can now save and synchronize your notes with audio recordings using Audio Bookmark. Samsung has added a new feature with which you can import and write on PDF files in the updated Samsung Notes.

Your data will be synchronized automatically across your multiple devices like Galaxy S20, your PC, and tablet.

Use Samsung DeX for Multitasking

There’s a new feature called Samsung DeX with which you can wirelessly connect your Galaxy S20 to a Smart TV and enjoy multitasking at the same time. With this feature, you can also use your Galaxy S20 as a touchpad to control your second display.

Advanced Wi-Fi Connectivity and More

The latest Galaxy S20 update comes with advanced Wi-Fi connectivity with which you can easily share the password of the connected Wi-Fi with other devices. You can also see the connection speed of available Wi-Fi networks. You also get an update for your Reminder app that now lets you preset time and location for your upcoming tasks and meetings.


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