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Reasons Why Businesses Need a Mobile App

Mobile apps for business started to be talked about a couple of years ago. The fact that mobile marketing is a must-have for entrepreneurs who want to distance themselves from their competitors, find a new channel to connect with clients, and get into a client’s phone was talked about back in 2014. And whether small businesses need a mobile app today, let’s discuss it in this article!

A mobile app is a special program for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – that is installed in a mobile device and interaction with which is done by clicking on the app icon.

Games, social networks, YouTube, Instagram, 22Bet mobile app for iPhone and Android, messengers have long been beloved applications of users. But apps for beauty salons, travel agencies, restaurants, cafes – do small businesses really need and will customers interact with them?

Mobile App for Business: Why Do You Need It

A business may need a mobile application for many reasons. Below are a few common ones:

1. Building Customer Loyalty

The customer loyalty of today’s companies is what makes them successful. Even school children are aware that attracting new customers is significantly more expensive and less profitable than keeping old ones. So by working with customers through a mobile app, you can create a trusting relationship, always keep in touch, and reach customers with literally the touch of a couple of buttons. You can use the app to establish loyalty programs, such as “every 3rd cup of tea is free”, “every 4th sandwich is a gift”, or “every 6th haircut in a beauty parlor is 70% off”.

Loyalty programs allow businesses to reward their customers with bonuses, tying them more and more to the business, because by participating in a loyalty program, customers will come back to the company again and again. To that beauty salon, to that store, to that cafe, where he already has a discount or a coupon.

2. Increase in Sales

The creation of loyalty programs within the mobile application adds to the income of the company Also, push notification technology allows you to remind customers about yourself, inform them about new products, promotions, and sales.

A business mobile application should be developed with the understanding that it has a reason for being created. App’s purpose is to encourage customer interaction so you can make sales. When they interact with you, they are more likely to buy what you are selling. Sharing useful content, giving tips and tricks, teaching customers, being useful to them, responding to their questions, even if they haven’t mentioned them, are examples.

3. Interaction With Customers by Sending Push Notifications

One of the most helpful features of any mobile application is push notifications. Once a user downloads and installs your application, he logs in a few times and that’s it.

It may not be used, opened or interacted with. Typically, when someone receives a notification, they see it in their news feed, then 90% of the time they click on it to open the app. A push notification can be used to remind customers of a sale, to invite them to lunch at a café, to wish them a joyous and happy new year, or to inform them of burning vouchers.

4. Opportunity To Lag Behind Competitors

What can you do today to compete against your competitors? Create something that your competitors don’t. For example, work with a mobile app and win a place in your clients’ phones along with apps like Google, Youtube, Yandex, Instagram… If you have an app, then you are in this market seriously and for a long time, so you are not a one-day firm that will work off the season and forget about your clients.

Offering new technology to your customers demonstrates your ability to stay up-to-date, to develop and to move forward with the times.

Now you know why a small business needs a mobile app, and you understand that this tool helps to increase sales and increase customer confidence in your company.

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