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ProtonCalendar is Now Available as an Android App on Google Play Store

Many of you probably don’t know, but ProtonMail is a well known and one of the most secure email services built to provide privacy and security. In simple words, it is an end-to-end encrypted email service that encrypts the entire email content from the sender to the recipient via ProtonMail servers. This offers a huge advantage to users who care about their privacy online. Just around this time last year, the ProtonMail team released an encrypted calendar app called Proton Calendar but made it accessible only via the web. But this service is now available as an app for Android and is already released in Beta on Google Playstore.

Proton Calendar is Now Available as An Android App on Google Play Store

The highlight of this calendar service is that it offers the same end-to-end encryption as ProtonMail and ProtonDrive. On top of that, the Proton Calendar also allows users to migrate all their existing calendar events and critical information from other calendar services. Further, it allows users to manage up to 10 calendars. On the other hand, the Android app syncs data with the regular web app.

Proton Calendar App for Android and Features

Proton Calendar is Now Available as An Android App on Google Play Store

Proton Calendar, as expected, offers all the usual features that other calendar services provide. This calendar app allows you to create, edit, and delete events, and as said before, allows you to manage up-to 10 calendars. However, the most important feature is the end-to-end encryption — which encrypts all details such as the event title, description, location, and participants. What this means is that no one else except you can see your calendar events. Moreover, the app syncs all changes made within the app with the web version of Proton Calendar and vice versa.

Apart from this, the service offers support for dark mode and allows users to add emojis. These make it easier for them to see what’s on the schedule at a glance. The company says that it is working on bringing more features to the app. These include the ability to add participants to an event, respond to invitations, and import events. Note that the app is currently available to only the ProtonMail or ProtonVPN subscribers with a premium plan.

The Proton Calendar app, currently available in beta, you can download and install it from Google Play Store. The iOS app, on the other hand, will come later as Proton says it is working on it already announce its availability in 2021.

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