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Google Calendar Side Panel Gets Google Maps Add-on For Quick Access

Google is known for bringing new features and integrations to its products to make them more user-friendly and productive. Few months back, we saw the tech company add the Google Meet feature to the Gmail application. Now, the web version of Google Calendar has added the Google Maps add-on on its side panel. You can see the Maps icon on the side panel of Google Calendar at calendar.google.com below the Keep and recently added Tasks icons. When you click on the Maps icon, it loads a map preview with a search field and two tabs titled “Recents” and “Saved.”

Google Calendar Maps Add-on Features and Manual

Google Calendar Side Panel Gets Google Maps Add-on For Quick Access

There are two tabs on the Google Maps side panel, which lie below the map view: Recents and Saved. The Recents tab lists your recent queries from all of the signed-in devices. On the other hand, the Saved tab shows your saved places. Also, there appear three suggested categories viz., Groceries, Takeout, and Hotel below the search field when you click on it. These let you easily search for things without leaving the calendar page. Using the search field, you can search for any place like you do on the full version of the Maps app. When you do, it loads the map view for the searched locations and below that displays other related things in an image carousel.

The Maps sidebar works the same way as the full web version of Google Maps does. The directions feature too works in the side panel of Google Calendar and offers the complete Maps experience. Like the full version, it shows all possible routes to your destination and the alternate modes of travel. If you want to view the map in full screen, it also gives you a single-click option to open the map in a full web version of Google Maps.

The new Maps side panel appears for several Google users with personal accounts, but, according to 9to5Google, the feature isn’t available on Workspace accounts as of now. There is currently no official word on this from Google.

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