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OPPO X Tom Ford Concept Smartphone Images Leaked, Show Vertically Expandable Display

OPPO, one of the most popular smartphone brands, is reportedly working on a new smartphone dubbed OPPO X Tom Ford Edition. This handset is said to arrive with a rollable display, and now its renders have leaked online. The renders show that the phone will have a pull-up display panel that rolls in and out like a scroll. It seems like the company is working on multiple concept smartphones with rollable displays. Earlier, OPPO has introduced its Oppo X 2021 concept phone last month, which extended out from the side.

LetsGoDigital, the website that leaked the images of the OPPO X Tom Ford slider smartphone concept, said that it obtained these renders from company documentation. When the slider is not rolled up, the smartphone is a small, squarish device that could fit easily into the pocket. The screen extends from the top edge, when rolled up, and increases the display area by about 80 percent.

OPPO X Tom Ford Edition Concept

OPPO X Tom Ford Concept Smartphone Images Leaked, Show Vertically Expandable Display
Image courtesy: LetsGoDigital

As mentioned earlier, the renders reveal the one can pull out the screen from the top. The screen has rounded edges, and the phone carries two golden pull tabs on the sides. These make rolling of the screen easy, said the report. At the back, there is a triple camera setup with the sensors aligned horizontally in the top center of the module. The space around the camera setup features a wood grain structure, while the rest of the back has a soft leather finish. Below the sensors, renders reveal engraved words “Oppo X Tom Ford – Design for concept Shakira.”

It’s strange to see that there’s no indication of the front sensor in the renders. This hints that the phone could carry an under-display selfie camera sensor. Or perhaps, the extended portion of the phone, when you roll out the phone, houses a second screen that may be used for selfies. On the right edge, there is a SIM tray integrated into the metallic frame. 

So far, this is the only information we have about the Oppo X Tom Ford Edition smartphone, and we don’t know when the company will launch this. Also, this phone is currently a concept, and we can only speculate on its mechanics as of now.

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