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Google to Bring ‘Chrome Cart’ Shopping Module for Chrome, A New Flag Reveals

Last month we learned Google is adding shopping cards to Chrome’s new tab page. Now, a new experimental flag has been reportedly spotted in the Chromium code showing the tech giant is working on a feature called “Chrome Cart.”

According to a report from ChromeStory, a new flag called “NTP Chrome Cart Module” has appeared in the Chromium code that suggests a new mysterious feature coming for Chrome. The new piece of code allegedly contains a tag “that groups all Chrome Cart related code changes” with links to the cart pages of most e-commerce websites. Here’s what the new flag tells about the upcoming feature. 

Code Shows Support for Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and More

Google to Bring Chrome Cart Shopping Module for Chrome, A New Flag Reveals
Image courtesy: ChromeStory

One of the most significant change in the Chrome Cart related code, ChromeStory says, is the change requests for specific shopping websites. It seems like Google wants to help users shop better by storing their cart items from different shopping websites. However, it’s not clear whether Chrome Cart will have deep integration with these shopping websites or not.

Looking at the code shows a tag that contains URLs for cart pages of various shopping websites. These include Walmart, Amazon, HM.com, eBay, Etsy.com, Best Buy, and Home Depot. Though, it’s not yet clear what exactly the Chrome Cart will do. However, the report speculates that it would curate items from various shopping websites that you use — similar to Chrome Kaleidoscope. Maybe Chrome would integrate products from your carts and give you a better price from a different store for your products in the cart, who knows.

Since there is no official detail on this alleged feature, we can’t tell you much about it. However, we should hear more about it in the coming time.


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